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  1001A Do You Want To Be Saved? John 7:14-18
  1001B Come And See John 1:34-39
  1002A Preaching The Gospel I Cor. 1:17
  1002B Preaching The Gospel II Cor. 5:18-21
  1003A No Confidence In The Flesh Phil. 3:3
  1003B The Gospel of Fear II Tim 1:7-12
  1004A Jew and Gentile; Both One Eph. 2:11-22
  1004B A Letter To A Believer Philemon
  1005 The Knowledge of Jesus Christ II Pet. 1:1-8
  1006A The Passover Exo. 12:12-14
  1006B The Sinner's Mercy Seat Rom. 3:9-28
  1007A Works of Faith & Labor of Love I Thess. 1:2-3
  1007B The Highway To Heaven Jn. 4:2-26
  1008A What The Christ Came to Do Jn. 17
  1008B What Is It To Walk In The Spirit? Rom. 8:1-14
  1009A She Shall Be Called Woman Gen. 2:20-25
  1009B A Better Sacrifice Heb. 10:9-10
  1010A Fellowship With God I Jn. 1:1-7
  1010B Tell Me The Story of Jesus Jn. 1:1-18
  1011 Jesus Christ Is Come In The Flesh I Jn. 4:1-6
  1012A Men Would Seek The Lord Acts 17:16-33
  1012B Who Is He? Why Did He Die? Matt. 27:19-37
  1013A All Things Work Together For Good Rom. 8:28
  1013B Where The Blessings Are Surely Found Lk. 10:38-42
  1014A The Results of Redemption Rom. 12
  1014B Thou, Me, and The World Psa. 139
  1015A The Character & Conduct of Believers Matt. 18:1-14
  1015B Righteousness Imputed By Faith Rom. 4
  1016A This Man Must Have Somewhat To Offer Heb. 8
  1016B Christ Lifted Up Jn. 12:31
  1017A Rejoice In The Lord Phil. 3:1-16
  1017B Lessons We Learn In Trouble Job 1:1-22
  1018A When I Am Weak, I Am Strong II Cor. 12:10
  1018B A Word of Exhortation Acts 13:14-48
  1019 He That Believeth Hath Everlasting Life Jn. 3:36
  1020 Take Heed How You Hear Lk. 8:18
  1021A God's Throne of Grace Heb. 4:16
  1021B Why Men Do Not Come To Christ Jn. 5:40
  1022 The Intercession of Christ Heb. 7:19-28
  1023A Grace-More Than A Doctrine I Cor. 15:10
  1023B The Law Is Good I Tim. 1:8-17
  1024A Psalm 40 Psalm 40
  1024B Election-More Than A Title To Heaven I Thess. 1:1-10
  1025A A Prayer of David Psa. 17
  1025B Peace With God Rom. 14
  1026A The Man Who Looked & Lived Lk. 23:32-43
  1026B The Common Bond I Cor. 13:1-13
  1027A Perilous Times For The Church II Tim. 3:1
  1027B Thy Law Is My Delight Psa. 119:73-80
  1028 Preach The Word I Tim. 4:2
  1029A In Christ Jesus II Tim. 1:9, 13
  1029B The Declaration of Jesus Christ, The Messiah Acts 13-16-48
  1030A Peter's Sermon To Cornelius Acts 10
  1030B Peter's Sermon At Pentecost Acts 2:22-36
  1031 Paul's Sermon At Athens Acts 17:22-31
  1032A A Message of Hope & Assurance Jn. 10:14
  1032B Rejoicing In The Lord Phil. 3
  1033A Faithful Preaching II Pet. 1:20-21
  1033B My Creed Isa. 53
  1034A Israel's Vision of God's Glory Isa. 6:1-8
  1034B God's New Kingdom Rev. 21:1-6
  1035A Paul's Sermon To The Elders Acts 20:17-38
  1035B The Gospel of Christ Isa. 61:1-3
  1036A What Kind of Faith Saves? Rom. 4:3-5 & James
  1036B An Example of Saving Faith Heb. 11:23-29
  1037A Spiritual Depression Psa. 42
  1037B The Gospel Concerning His Son Rom. 1:1-7
  1038A The Effectual Call Lk. 19:1-19
  1038B Make Your Calling & Election Sure II Pet. 1:10
  1039 Happy Is The Man Psalm 1
  1040A Remind Me Dear Lord Eph. 2:11-13
  1040B If Phil. 2:1-8
  1041 The Four-Fold State of A Believer Psa. 62:5-8
  1042 Unto The Praise of His Glory Eph. 1
  1043A What Think Ye of Christ? Matt. 15:46
  1043B Be Not Weary In Well Doing Gal. 6:9
  1044A What Mean Ye By This Service? Exo. 12:26
  1044B The Wisdom of God I Cor. 2:7
  1045 Ordained To Eternal Life Acts 13:48
  1046A So Doing Matt. 24:42
  1046B My Prophet, Priest, & King Heb. 10
  1047A The Greatest Promise Matt. 11:25-30
  1047B This Jesus Is The Christ Acts 17:1-4
  1048A If We Confess Our Sins I Jn. 1:1-10
  1048B Remember Now Thy Creator Eccles. 12:1-14
  1049A Kiss The Son Psa. 2:12
  1049B The Grace of God Experienced I Pet. 2:1-4
  1050A The Unsearchable Riches of Christ Eph. 3:8
  1050B A Study of The Lord's Prayer Jn.17
  1051A One Who Has A Right To Redeem Ruth 2:20
  1051B A Study of The Lord's Prayer-II Jn. 17:11-16
  1052A Do We Believe God? I Jn. 5:9-10
  1052B The Believer's Confidence and Assurance Isa. 43:1-13
  1053A The Table of The Lord I Cor. 11:17-34
  1053B Saved By Hope Rom. 8:24
  1054A This Is My Beloved Song of Sol. 4:15-16
  1054B Comfort For The Comforted Isa. 40:1-11
  1055A Justified By Faith-I Rom. 5
  1055B Justified By Faith-II Rom. 5
  1056 Five Important Questions To Be Considered --
  1057A Words To Live By Psa. 37:1-9
  1057B A Word To The Church I Thess. 1:1-3
  1058A A Funeral Sermon II Cor. 4
  1058B A Believer's Walk Eph. 5:15-25
  1059A A Summary of Our Testimony I Cor. 2:1-5
  1059B What Shall We Do? Acts 2:22-38
  1060 Complete In Him Col. 2:10
  1061A Love And Truth II John
  1061B Righteousness By Faith Rom. 10:1-17
  1062 The Children of The Promise Rom. 9:1-18
  1063A The Grace of God Experienced Acts 22:10-16
  1063B How Shall We Escape? Heb. 2:1-10
  1064A The Confession of Sin I Jn. 1:9
  1064B The Church, His Body I Cor. 12
  1065A The Beloved Gaius III Jn.
  1065B The Good Life Psa. 91:1-16
  1066A Jesus Christ Reveals Who He Is Jn. 7:17-29
  1066B Paul's Final Instructions For Young Preachers II Tim. 3-4
  1067A Christ, Our Propitiation Rom. 3:19-25
  1067B Peace In Christ Rom. 5:1-6
  1068A True Liberty of True Saints Gal. 5:13-26
  1068B I Am He JN. 8:22-32
  1069A Looking Unto Jesus Heb. 12:1-2
  1069B Martha Served Jn. 12:1-11
  1070A There Is Forgiveness Psa. 130
  1070B Love I Cor. 13
  1071A Genuine or Counterfeit II Cor. 13:5
  1071B Concern For One Another Col. 2:1
  1072A Serving God With A Pure Conscience II Tim. 1:1-13
  1072B Be Strong In God's Grace II Tim. 2:1-8
  1073A Sound Doctrine & Good Works Titus 3:1-8
  1073B The God of Peace Be With You Phil. 4:9
  1074A The God of All Grace I Pet. 5:10
  1074B True & False Conversion Luke 11:14-26
  1075A The Servant Exo. 21:1-6
  1075B True Greatness Mark 10:35-45
  1076A The Grace of God Eph. 2:8-10
  1076B So We Preach, So Ye Believed I Cor. 15:1-11
  1077A Heart Trouble & It's Remedy John 14:1
  1077B The Good Samaritan Lk. 10:25-37
  1078A Christ Is All Col. 3:9-11
  1078B Remembering Christ Luke 22:15-20
  1079A A Look At Psalm 17 Psalm 17
  1079B Form or Faith? Matt. 23
  1080A Grace & Glory (1) John 17
  1080B Grace & Glory (2) John 17
  1081A Grace Claims The Glory John 3:1-10
  1081B A Look At Hebrews Heb. 1:1
  1082A Faith, Love & Patience II Thess. 1:1-5
  1082B The Wisdom of God I Cor. 1&2
  1083A His Faithful Servant I Cor. 1:1-10
  1083B I Shall Not Be Moved Psalm 62
  1084A God's Hand Hath Touched Me Job 19:9-26
  1084B That Rock Was Christ Exo. 16:1-6
  1085A God Will Provide Gen. 22:1-14
  1085B A Chosen Generation I Pet. 2:1-9
  1086A A Bride For The King Gen. 24
  1086B Christ Is Coming Back II Thess. 2
  1087A The Common People Jn. 13:31-35
  1087B Eternal Life Manifested Unto Us I Jn. 1:1-4
  1088A Before The Throne of God Rev. 7:9-17
  1088B Blessed Are The Dead Rev. 14:13
  1089A Christ In You, The Hope of Glory-I Col. 1:27
  1089B Christ In You, The Hope of Glory-II Col. 1:27
  1090A A Prayer Certain To Be Answered John 17:24
  1090B The Grace of Giving II Cor. 8&9
  1091A Be Ye Reconciled To God II Cor. 5:17-21
  1091B How Shall We Escape…? Heb. 2:1-4
  1092A The Shepherd of The Sheep John 10:14-18
  1092B The Sheep of The Shepherd John 10:19-31
  1093A Try The Spirits I Jn. 4:1
  1093B That Rock Was Christ Exo. 7
  1094A Six Questions Answered Rom. 8:28-39
  1094B Some Interesting Questions Matt. 11
  1095 Lord, To Whom Shall We Go? Jn. 6:6-69
  1096A If You Knew Jn. 4:10
  1096B The Lord's Good People I Tim. 6:17-19
  1097A A Day of Recovery II Thess. 2:13-17
  1097B This Man Acts 13:26-29, 39-40
  1098 Repent & Believe The Gospel Acts 20:21
  1099A True Oneness Eph. 4:1-17
  1099B Some Words of Encouragement Heb. 9:13-28
  1100 Direction for Seekers Psalm 4
  1101A Old Creation-New Creation Gen. 1-3
  1101B Results of Redemption Rom. 12
  1102A The Glory of God II Cor. 4:6
  1102B The Lord's Passover Exo. 11-12
  1103A Lord & Christ Acts 2:36
  1103B Christ, Our Creed Isa. 53
  1104A Paul's Message Acts 17:16-32
  1104B According To The Scriptures Lk. 24
  1105A Good News Lk. 4:14-32
  1105B An Encounter With Christ Acts 8:26-39
  1106A O Lord, Thou Art My God Isa. 25
  1106B Highlights From Philippians 1 Philippians 1
  1107A The Miracle of Grace Jn. 4
  1107B Look To Christ I Cor. 2:1-5
  1108A The Observer & The Observed Psalm 139
  1108B Christ, The Wisdom & The Power of God I Cor. 2:1-8
  1109A The Reconciler & The Reconciled Exo. 3
  1109B Comfort For Believers Judges 13
  1110 The Russian Trip Haggai 2:1-3
  1111 Vital Questions For This Day Phil. 3:1-14
  1112A His Name Was Mephibosheth II Sam. 4:4
  1112B The Promises of God II Cor. 1:13-22
  1113A The Promise Rom. 4:16-25
  1113B Some Thoughts on Worship Psa. 95:6
  1114A Believer's Baptism Lk. 12:4-9
  1114B Grace Before Grace Mk. 4:1-20
  1115A The Ways of God Mk. 8:22-26
  1115B The Rest of Faith Heb. 4:11
  1116A His Return II Thess. 2
  1116B That You May Believe I Jn. 5:13
  1117 Is Jesus of Nazareth The Messiah? Matt. 11:1-3
  1118A He Called You By Our Gospel II Thess. 2:14
  1118B That Holy Calling II Tim. 1:8-9
  1119A He Has Magnified His Name Psalm 138
  1119B Worshipping With The Early Church Acts 2:22-43
  1120A I Shall Not Want Psalm 23:1
  1120B In Search of Mercy Psalm 51:1-8
  1121A I Am the True Vine Jn. 15:1-8
  1121B A New Song of Redemption Psalm 40
  1122A I Rejoice In Electing Love Jn. 15:16
  1122B What Is It To Receive Christ? Jn. 1:12
  1123A The Mystery of Godliness I Tim. 3:16
  1123B Saved By Grace, Working By Love Gal. 6
  1124A These All Died In Faith Heb. 11:13
  1124B Thy God Will Deliver Thee Dan. 6:16
  1125A Grace Poured From Thy Lips Psalm 45:2
  1125B Glorify Thy Son John 17
  1126A Mercies of The Covenant Rom. 4:1-8
  1126B When Is A Person Ready To Die? Luke 2:25-32
  1127A Jesus Wept John 11:35
  1127B Groaning, Waiting, & Hoping Rom. 8:22-32
  1128A Seeking The Kingdom of God Matt. 6:33
  1128B Where There Is A Need, There Is A Savior Matt. 8, 9, 10
  1129 Perserving In Faith Jude
  1130 Not To The Law But To Christ Heb. 12:18-24
  1131A Not A Servant But A Brother Philemon
  1131B The High Priest Heb. 4:14-16
  1132A The Unity of The Faith Eph. 4:1-16
  1132B Grace Psalm 45:2
  1133A Truth And Love II John
  1133B Our Advocate-Christ I John 2:1
  1134A We Persuade Men II Cor. 5:10-15
  1134B Lip Versus Heart Religion Mark 7:6-7
  1135A Sons of God I Jn. 3:1-2
  1135B I Thank God For You II Thess. 2:13-17
  1136A According To The Scriptures I Cor. 15:3-4
  1136B God's Goodness Exo. 33:7-19
  1137A Apostolic Advice For Believers I Thess. 5:9-28
  1137B A Prayer For All Saints Phil. 1:1-14
  1138A Why Me? I Kings 17:1-16
  1138B Filling Empty Vessels II Kings 4:1-7
  1139A The Face of God Gen. 32:14-31
  1139B Filling Empty Vessels II Kings 4:1-7
  1140A The Lord of Hosts Psalm 24
  1140B All Men Should Honor The Son John 5:22-23
  1141A The Son of God–Our Substitute John 1:1-14
  1141B The Witness of The Son of God John 1:15-29
  1142A The Atonement Lev. 16:1-22
  1142B From Nothing To Everything Ezek. 16:1-14
  1143A A Prayer For The Elect Eph. 1:15-23
  1143B What God Taught Nebuchadnezzar Dan. 4:19-37
  1144A Experience of Faith II Tim. 1:12
  1144B True Faith Mark 9:23
  1145A The Doctrines of Grace - and of Christ II John 9-10
  1145B The Sinner's Plea John 6:35-69
  1146A A Fountain Opened Zech. 12:9-10, 13:1
  1146B The Messanger of The Covenant Mal. 3:1-6
  1147A A Picture of Christ Hosea
  1147B Holding Fast Our Profession Heb. 10:19-39
  1148A What Is It To Preach Christ Crucified? I Cor. 2:1-5
  1148B The Highest Wisdom I Cor. 2:6-16
  1149A The Christ of The Cross Rom. 5:1-5
  1149B The Love & Unity Among Believers Rom. 15:1-15
  1150A Redeemed I Pet. 1:13-25
  1150B Why Do We Preach The Gospel? Rom. 10:1-7
  1151A Not Ashamed To Call Them Brethren Heb. 2:5-12
  1151B The Father's Call Rev. 5:1-14
  1152A What Does It Matter? Phil. 1:18
  1152B The School of Grace Rom. 8:28-39
  1153A The Inevitable Alternative I John 5:11-12
  1153B Christ, Our Hiding-Place Isa. 32:1-2
  1154A Faith-Things Hoped For Heb. 11:1
  1154B Love Rom. 15:1-7
  1155 Continue In The Faith Jude --
  1156A The Security of Believers Psa. 91
  1156B A Psalm For The Lord's Day Psa. 92
  1157A Standing Up Under Trials James 1:1-12
  1157B Do You Believe? Rom. 4:1-25
  1158A The Apostle's Personal Testimony Acts 22:1-14
  1158B The Price of Redemption I Peter 1:17-25
  1159A Six Needful Reminders Phil. 3:15-16
  1160 Whom Hath God Set Forth Rom. 3:25-26
  1161A Much More Rom. 5
  1161B The Cross Gal. 6:14
  1162A The Whole of The Matter Heb. 11:38-12:2
  1162B Giving Thanks To The Father Col. 1:12-23
  1163A The Ministry of Comfort Isa. 40:1-2
  1163B How Do We Preach The Gospel? I Thess. 2:1-13
  1164A His Glorious Return II Peter 3
  1164B Things Which Become Sound Doctrine Titus 2:1
  1165A This Is My Hope Lam. 3:21-25
  1165B Salvation By Grace Eph. 2:8-9
  1166A A Reason Of The Hope I Pet. 3:15
  1166B Not Ashamed of His Coming I Jn 2:28
  1167A Resting In The Hope of Eternal Life Titus 1:2
  1167B Our Confession of Faith Acts 24:1-16
  1168A No More Offering For Sin Heb. 10:18
  1168B Hannah's Psalm of Praise I Sam. 2:1-20
  1169A He Will Perfect That Which Concerneth Me Psalm 138:8
  1169B The Sermon On The Mount Matt. 5:3-16
  1170A What Is Your Life? James 4:14
  1170B Exposition on John 20 John 20
  1171A The Preaching of The Cross I Cor. 1:17-18
  1171B There Is Mercy With The Lord Psalm 130
  1172A What Isaiah Saw Isa. 6:1-8
  1172B The Sin Which No Believer Can Commit Phil. 3:1-14
  1173A The Mighty One of Jacob Isa. 50
  1173B The God of Creation Gen. 2:7-9
  1174A The Substitute Isa. 53
  1174B A Christmas Sermon Lk. 2:8-14
  1175A Water For The Thirsty Isa. 55:1-7
  1175B Comfort For The Weary Psa. 17:1-15
  1176 Bless The Lord At All Times Psa. 34:1-15
  1177A Behold, He Whom Thou Lovest Is Sick John 11:3
  1177B A Child Is Born Isa. 9:5-7
  1178A Six Comforting Statements Psalm 146:7-10
  1178B The Saviour of His Knowledge II Cor. 2:14
  1179 The Son of Man Glorified John 12:20-26
  1180A Five Reasons For The Death of Christ I Peter 3:8-20
  1180B The Mind of Christ Phil. 2:5
  1181A God's Grace For The Guilty Luke 7:19-50
  1181B Growing In Grace I Pet. 2:1-10
  1182A Believe In Me John 14
  1182B The Foundation For Christian Graces Eph. 5:22-6:10
  1183A Follow Me John 21:19
  1183B Preach The Word Col. 1:12-23
  1184A Witnesses of Christ I Jn. 5:1-13
  1184B Something Better Heb. 1:4
  1185A The Friend of God James 2:23
  1185B Faith Worketh By Love Gal. 5:1-6
  1186A I Will Curse Your Blessings Mal. 2-3
  1186B Repentance and Faith Zech. 12:10-13:2
  1187A We Believe That Thou Art The Christ John 6:69
  1187B Unbelief, The Greatest Sin Heb. 3:12
  1188A The Way To Peace Phil. 4:4-7
  1188B A Great Sermon Acts 17:22-31
  1189A Plenteous Redemption Psa. 130
  1189B Moses, Our Example of Faith Heb. 11
  1190A The Rod of Strength Psa. 110
  1190B God's Righteousness Rom. 10:1-10
  1191A The Sinner's Substitute Isa. 53
  1191B Justified In Christ Rom. 5:1-2
  1192 The Power of His Resurrection Phil. 3:8-11
  1193A The Faith of God's Elect Heb. 11:1-13
  1193B What The Rich Man Discovered In Hell Luke 16:19-31
  1194A Jesus Christ Is Lord Phil. 2:9-11
  1194B I Am His And He Is Mine Song of Sol. 2:16
  1195A The Mercies of Our Covenant God Gen. 21:1-21
  1195B Jehovah Jireh Gen. 22:1-14
  1196A Make Love Your Aim I Cor. 13
  1196B Faith's Perseverance Heb. 11:13-16
  1197A I Will Raise Him Up Jn. 6:39-44
  1197B A Psalm For A Time of Trouble Psa. 34:1-9
  1198 The Servant's Mission Gen. 24
  1199A No Doubt About It Heb. 10:11-25
  1199B The Things That God Hath Prepared I Cor. 2:1-16
  1200A Mixed With Faith Heb. 4:2
  1200B The Walk of The Redeemed Rom. 12:1-6
  1201A Is The Bible God's Word? II Cor. 4
  1201B Ten Tremendous Facts II Thess. 2:13-3:5
  1202A The Reward of His Sufferings Isa. 53:10-12
  1202B Believer's and Their Blessings I Pet. 1:1-12
  1203A When I Saw Him Rev. 1:17
  1203B The Life of Faith Heb. 10:38-39
  1204 A Psalm of Assurance Psalm 138
  1205A A Certain Woman Acts 16:9-15
  1205B Christ Is All Phil. 3
  1206A The Grace of Giving II Cor. 8
  1206B Rejoice Evermore I Thess. 5:16-22
  1207A The Breath of Life Jn. 3:1-8
  1207B How Can These Things Be? Jn. 3:9-17
  1208A Sure Mercies of God II Sam. 23:1-5
  1208B Lessons Learned In Trouble Job 1
  1209A Christ Our Refuge Joshua 20
  1209B Teach Me Thy Way O Lord Psalm 27
  1210 For All Is Changed I Peter 2:1-10
  1211A The Right Hand of God Heb. 1:3
  1211B Our Run & God's Remedy Rom. 3
  1212A That They All May Be One John 17:10-20
  1212B Things That Are Important Isa. 1
  1213A The Riches of Christ Psalm 40
  1213B He Will Finish His Work Phil. 1:6
  1214A All Things Are Become New II Cor. 5:17-21
  1214B We Have This Ministry II Cor. 4:1
  1215A The Doctrine Illustrated Luke 7:28-50
  1215B Abide In Him I Jn. 2:21-29
  1216A Mary's Song of Thanksgiving Luke 1:26-55
  1216B Simeon's Song of Thanksgiving Luke 2:25-32
  1217A A Message From Our Master Matt. 11
  1217B The First Shall Be Last Matt. 20:1-16
  1218A This Do In Remembrance of Me I Cor. 11:23-28
  1218B The Call of Grace Lk. 19:1-10
  1219 But When He Saw Jesus Mk. 5:6
  1220A He Touched Me Mk. 8:22-26
  1220B Look At The Cross Lk. 23:49
  1221 The Life & Walk of Faith Gen. 22;1-14
  1222A Who Is My Neighbor? Lk. 10:21-37
  1222B The Call of Worship Psalm 29
  1223A Jacob's Prayer Gen. 32:9-13
  1223B Lesson's Learned From The Passover Exo. 12:1-14
  1224A The God-Man; What Is His Name? Isa. 9:6
  1224B They Saw His Glory Lk. 9:28-36
  1225A The Grace of God In Jesus Christ Isa. 6:1-9
  1225B Cornelius Acts 10:24-43
  1226A Six Weighty Statements Acts 13:14-41
  1226B Salvation Is Of The Lord Rom. 9:1-24
  1227A How These Blessings Became Ours Eph. 1:1-14
  1227B Christ-The Bread of Life Jn. 6:24-40
  1228A Salvation Is of The Lord II Tim. 1
  1228B The Lord's Family I Pet. 1
  1229A The Last Message Heb. 1
  1229B Hearing The Last Messenger Heb. 2
  1230A Who Is This Man? Jn. 5:17-24
  1230B Unbelief, The Greatest Sin Heb. 3:17-19
  1231A His Rest Heb. 4:10
  1231B The Great High Priest Heb. 5
  1232A Consider How Great This Man Is Heb. 7:4
  1232B This Is The Sum Heb. 8:1
  1233A The First Principles Heb. 6
  1233B Christ, Our Mercy Seat Heb. 9
  1234A Never or Forever Heb. 10:1-14
  1234B Stand Fast In Christ Heb. 10:15-39
  1235A Faith Defined & Illustrated Heb. 11:1-16
  1235B Come To Mount Zion Heb. 12:22
  1236 Admonitions To Believers Heb. 13:1-21
  1237A The True Grace of God I Peter 1:1-9
  1237B The Salvation of Your Soul I Peter 1:9-25
  1238 That Ye May Grow I Pet. 2:1-10
  1239A I Declare Unto You The Gospel I Cor. 15:1-28
  1239B I Have Glorified Thee On The Earth John 17
  1240A Worthy Is The Lamb Rev. 5:12
  1240B Source & Progress of Grace In The Soul I Cor. 13:13
  1241A Joint Heirs With Christ Rom. 8:15-25
  1241B What Shall We Say To These Things? Rom. 8:28-39
  1242A The Preacher & His Preaching I Cor. 2:1-5
  1242B Comparing Spiritual Things With Spiritual I Cor. 2:6-16
  1243 I Am The Lord & There Is None Else Isa. 45:22
  1244A Christ, The End Of The Law Rom. 10:1-11
  1244B Christ, The Life Of Faith Rom. 10:12-21
  1245A Words That Teach II Tim. 1:11-12
  1245B Is This Not Our Message Also? Acts 13:13-41
  1246A The Hope Of The Glory Of God Rom. 5:2
  1246B To Help Us Understand Phil. 1:12-24
  1247A God's Purpose Is In Good Hands Isa. 53
  1247B The Lesson That's Hard To Learn Luke 15:1-24
  1248A The Blessed Doctrine Of Election II Thess. 2:13
  1248B A Word To Preachers Acts 20:17-35
  1249 Seven Marks Of True Faith Matt. 23
  1250A The Parable Of The Sower Mark 4:1-20
  1250B Charge It To Me Philemon
  1251A The Glory Of God Isa. 6
  1251B A Sure Foundation For All Seasons I Peter 5:1-10
  1252 Preaching The Word II Tim. 4:2
  1253A Giving Thanks Unto The Father Col. 1:12-23
  1253B The First Passover Exo. 11-12
  1254A I Am The Door John 10:9
  1254B The Work Of God's Hands Job 14
  1255A Fear & Hope Psalm 130
  1255B A Special Test For Preachers I Jn. 4
  1256A The Person & Work Of Christ Isa. 61:1-3
  1257A And Jesus Stood Still Mk. 10:49
  1257B Three Score Years & Ten Psalm 90:10
  1258A Salvation By Grace Through Faith In Christ Gal. 2
  1258B The Whole Armour Of God Eph. 6:11-13
  1259 Looking Beyond This World II Cor. 5
  1260A The Three Most Important Persons I Cor. 15
  1260B No Hope--Yet A Good Hope Rom. 4
  1261 PSALM 27 Psalm 27
  1262A What Is The Gospel? Rom. 1:1-17
  1262B Our Lord Jesus Christ Acts 3:1-18
  1263A The Fellowship Of Believers Acts 2:40-47
  1263B Godliness With Contentment I Tim. 6:6-12
  1264A Christ Is All Col. 3:11
  1264B Christ, The Wisdom Of God I Cor. 2:7
  1265A The Lord's Return Isa. 25
  1265B Christ, A Sure Foundation Isa. 28:16
  1266A Thoughts About The Lord's Table Luke 22
  1266B Consider These Things Haggai 1:7
  1267A Salvation Is Of The Lord In Christ Gal. 1:6-9
  1267B The Fear Of Man Destroyed By Trust In God Psalm 91
  1268A Justified In Christ Gal. 3:11
  1268B God's Work Proclaims God's Glory Psalm 19:1-9
  1269A Our Confession Of Faith Phil. 3:1-14
  1270A Let No Man Judge, Rob, Nor Deceive You Col. 2
  1270B A Sermon On Repentance Luke 13:1-5
  1271A The Hope Of His Calling Eph. 1:18
  1271B Them That Are Sanctified Heb. 10:14
  1272A Does This Offend You? John 15:14-27
  1272B That Ye Should Not Be Offended John 16:1
  1273A Faithful Men & Their Faithful Lord II Tim. 2:1-15
  1273B Our God Is Merciful Psalm 116
  1274A Habakkuk, A Man Of God Hab. 3
  1274B Christ Is Our Resurrection I Cor. 15
  1275A Believers Die In Faith Heb. 11:13
  1275B Christ, The Preacher Lk. 4:14-32
  1276A Paul's Testimony Acts 22:12-15
  1276B The Sufficiency Of Christ I Jn. 5:4-13
  1277A Accepted In The Beloved Eph. 1:1-14
  1277B Treasure In An Earthen Vessel II Cor. 4:1-18
  1278A A Believer's Confidence I Jn. 5:13-21
  1278B Another Jesus, Gospel & Spirit II Cor. 11:2-4
  1279A Members One Of Another Rom. 12:1-3
  1279B Members One Of Another Rom. 12:4-2
  1280A The Word Of The Lord I Pet. 1:22-2
  1280B His Name–The Word Of God Jn. 1:1-14
  1281A Make You Calling & Election Sure II Pet. 1:10
  1281B What Is It To Close With Christ Jn. 3:1-21
  1282A One Sacrifice For Sin Heb. 10:1-18
  1282B Be Reconciled To God II Cor. 4:15-18
  1283A Working Out What God Worked Within Phil. 2:12-13
  1283B A Good Marriage, Life, & Conscience I Pet. 3
  1284A Justified Rom. 3-5
  1284B The Golden Psalm Psalm 16
  1285A Christ's Words To A Religious World I Jn. 5:1-25
  1285B Christ's Words To A Religious World II Jn. 5:25-47
  1286A I Tell You The Truth Jn. 16:7-22
  1286B When Law Meets Grace Jn. 8:1-11
  1287A The Light Of The World Jn. 8:12-24
  1287B Christ, The Good Shepherd Jn. 10:10-18
  1288A The Lord's Little Ones Matt. 18:1-14
  1288B Our Hope For You I Cor. 1:1-14
  1289A Living Words For Dying Saints Psalm 116:1-5
  1289B Job Speaks To God Job 14
  1290A To Preach The Gospel I Cor. 1:17-31
  1290B To Receive The Gospel I Cor. 2:1-16
  1291A My Servant--The Branch I Zech. 3:8
  1291B My Servant--The Branch II Zech. 6:12-13
  1292 Two Revelations From Heaven Rom. 1:18-32
  1293A And He Must Needs Go Through Samaria John 4:4
  1293B Our Friend Lazarus Sleepeth John 11:11
  1294A The Gospel Of The Glory Of God I Tim. 1:11
  1294B The Grace Of Our Lord I Tim. 1:14
  1295A The Election Of Grace Rom. 11:5
  1295B The Hope Of Eternal Life Lam. 3:22-26
  1296A The Treasure Of The Field Matt. 13:14-52
  1296B All Israel Shall Be Saved Isa. 45:16-25
  1297A His Servant Shall Not Fail John 6:35-45
  1297B I Am That Bread Of Life John 6:48
  1298A A Journey Through Romans 8
  1298B Suffer The Word Of Exhortation Heb. 13:22
  1299A Jesus Christ–Our Messiah John 12:37-50
  1299B Jesus Christ–Our Substitute John 19:28-42
  1300A The Gospel According To David Psalm 85
  1300B A Prayer Certain To Be Answered Psalm 51
  1301A The Last Passover Luke 22:17-22
  1301B The Son Of His Love Col. 1:12-25
  1302A Why Baptize Believers? Matt. 32-33
  1302B God Be Merciful To Me, The Sinner Luke 18:13
  1303A The Mystery Of Christ Isa. 9:6
  1303B Christ Calls Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10
  1304A We Have An Altar Heb. 13:10
  1304B We Seek A City Heb. 13:14
  1305A Behold, A Man Of Ethiopia Acts 8:27
  1305B God Loveth A Cheerful Giver II Cor. 9:7
  1306A I Am The True Vine Jn. 15:1
  1306B I Have Chosen You Jn. 15:16
  1307A A Study In James James 1:1-12
  1307B A Study In James James 1:13-27
  1308A Believing On The Lord Jesus Christ I Jn. 5:1-13
  1308B A Study In James James 2:1-14
  1309A The Gospel Of God's Glory Rom. 1:1-4, 16-17
  1309B A Good Confession II Tim. 1:12
  1310A A Study In James James 2:14-26
  1310B A Study In James James 3:1-18
  1311A Jesus Christ, The Son Of God Jn. 1:34
  1311B The Fear Of The Lord Psa. 34:1-11
  1312A Loose Him & Let Him Go Jn. 11:17-46
  1312B A Study In James James 4
  1313A Do We March With Men Or Walk With God? Eph. 4-6
  1314A True Ministers & A True Message Rom. 10:1-17
  1314B A Study In James James 5:1-12
  1315A On This Rock Matt. 16:18
  1315B A New Creation II Cor. 5:17
  1316A The Cup Of Blessing I Cor. 10:16-17
  1316B A Study In James James 5:13-20
  1317A Christ, The Sole & Sufficient Saviour I Jn. 2:18-19
  1317B The Perfection & Preeminence Of Christ Col. 1:1-18
  1318 The Plain Path Psa. 27:11
  1319A The Saviour's Rest Heb. 4:1-11
  1319B The Saviour's Word Heb. 4:12-16
  1320A A Study In I Peter I Peter 1:1-9
  1321A The Name By Which Men Live Acts 3
  1321B A Sure Hope Of Immortal Glory II Cor. 4:15 & 5:5
  1322A A Study In Romans 3 Romans 3
  1322B A Study In Romans 5 Romans 5
  1323A A Study In I Peter I Peter 1:7-16
  1323B A Study In I Peter I Peter 1:17-25
  1324 The Gospel–A Divine Gift I Thess. 1
  1325A The Gospel–A Sacred Trust I Thess. 2:4
  1325B A Study In I Peter I Peter 1:18-25
  1326A Nicodemus–Proud Preacher John 3:1-17
  1326B The Samaritan–The Humble Sinner John 4:1-26
  1327A A Study In I Peter I Peter 2:1-10
  1327B This Man Receives Sinners Luke 15:1-24
  1328A Divine Election & Its Effects II Thess. 2:13-14
  1328B The Dead Shall Rise I Cor. 15
  1329A A Study In I Peter I Peter 2:11-25
  1330A Christ, Our Hope & Help Philemon
  1330B The Comfort Of Christ I John 1 - 2:2
  1331A Christ, Our Substitute John 19:28-42
  1331B Do you love me? Jn. 21:15-17
  1332A A Study In I Peter I Peter 3:1-18
  1332B Christ, Our Refuge Joshua 20:1-9
  1333A A Study In I Peter I Peter 3:18-22
  1333B The Mercies Of Our Covenant God II Sam. 9
  1334A A Study In I Peter I Peter 4:7-13
  1334B A Study In I Peter I Peter 5
  1335A The Gospel According To Ruth Ruth
  1335B The Half Has Never Been Told I Kings 10:7
  1336A Naaman--Object Of Mercy II Kings 5:1-14
  1336B Naaman–After Jordan II Kings 5:15-27
  1337A Under His Wings Shalt Thou Trust Psalm 91
  1337B His Mercies Are Great II Sam. 24:14
  1338A A Woman's Faith Judges 13
  1338B This Is The Sum Heb. 8:1
  1339A The True Tabernacle Heb. 9:1-12
  1339B Perfected Forever In Christ Heb. 10:1-25
  1340A The Root Of The Matter Job 19:21-28
  1340B A Word To The Brethren Rom. 12
  1341A I Will Gather My Flock Jer. 23:3
  1341B Marvelous Are Thy Works O God Psa. 139:14
  1342A Here To Hear Acts 10:25-43
  1343 The Holy Spirit & The Believer Jn. 16:1-15
  1343B Shew His Death Til He Come I Cor. 11:26
  1344 To Win Christ Phil. 3:8
  1345A Innumerable Mercies Psa. 40:5
  1345B Walking In Love Rom. 14:11-23
  1346 Repentance Rev. 16:1-9
  1347A Assuring Words Jn. 14:1-10
  1347B We Have Found The Messiah Jn. 1:41-45
  1348 Preaching The Gospel Of Christ Eph. 3:1-1l
  1349A Grace For The Guilty Hosea 1-3
  1349B Where Is The God Of Judgment? Mal. 3:1-2
  1350A Is It Sinful To Enjoy This World? Eccles. 2:24-26
  1350B Appointed To Obtain Salvation I Thess. 5:1-11
  1351A The Making Of A Believer I Jn. 5:1-13
  1351B The Security Of A Believer I Jn. 5:13-21
  1352A Golden Precepts & Precious Promises Psalm 37
  1352B Godly Jealousy II Cor. 11:2
  1353A My Grace Is Sufficient II Cor. 12:1-10
  1353B Who are the elect? I Sam. 16:1-13
  1354 The Grace That Is In Christ II Tim. 2:1
  1355A Questions & Answers Rom. 3
  1355B The Righteousness Of Faith Rom. 4:13
  1356A Hannah Prayed I Sam. 2:1-10
  1356B His Loving Grace Rom. 5
  1357A Behold, I Make All Things New Rev. 21:5
  1357B Unto The Hills Psa. 121
  1358A The Gospel Call Isa. 55
  1358B The Sovereign God (Part 1) Job 38-40:1-5
  1359A The Purpose Of God Rom. 9:11
  1359B The Sovereign God (Part 2) Job 40-42
  1360A One Fold--One Shepherd Eph. 4:1-6
  1360B One Message Eph. 4:7-16
  1361A Christ, The Mystery Revealed Eph. 3
  1361B The Only True God Isa. 46
  1362A The God Of The Living Matt. 22:32
  1362B The Lord's Passover Exo. 11-12
  1363A What We See In Calvary's Cross Matt. 35-36
  1363B The Fellowship Of His Son I Cor. 1:9
  1364A We See Jesus Heb. 2:9
  1364B The Lord Looseth The Prisoner Psa. 146
  1365A Let Job Preach Job 14:1-17
  1365B The Last Days II Tim. 3
  1366A Come To Christ And Rest Matt. 11:28
  1366B Reconciliation II Cor. 5:18-21
  1367A Seven Faithful Promises II Cor. 1:20
  1367B The Messiah Speaks Isa. 61
  1368 Bless The Lord Psalm 103
  1369A In Hope Of The Resurrection I Cor. 15
  1369B Kept By The Power Of God John 17:11-26
  1370A The Knowledge Of Jesus Christ Phil. 3:8
  1370B Called According To His Purpose Romans 8
  1371A Complete In Him - I Gal. 1
  1371B Complete In Him - II Col. 2
  1372A Complete In Him - III Eph. 2:7-22
  1372B Complete In Him - IV Heb. 10:9-18
  1373A Merciful Sons Of A Merciful Father Luke 6:36
  1373B What Is It To See The Son? John 6:30-48
  1374A Our Message For The New Year Mark 13:34-37
  1374B Conversion? Matt. 18:1-14
  1375 The Parable Of The Sower Matt. 13:18
  1376A Life's Most Treasured Possessions Philemon 3
  1376B In His Hands John 10:27-30
  1377A Sin And Grace Ezek. 16:1-14
  1377B Lovest Thou Me? John 21
  1378A Because Of His Own Words John 4:41
  1378B The Grace And Joy Of Giving II Cor. 8:1-15
  1379A Salvation Is Of Grace Rom. 1:1-7
  1379B The Kingdom Of His Dear Son Heb. 1:1-3
  1380A The Captain Of Our Salvation Heb. 2:1-18
  1380B Continuing In Hope To The End Heb. 3:1-14
  1381A Enter Into His Rest Heb. 4
  1381B Our Great High Priest Heb. 4:14
  1382 Go On To Maturity Heb. 6:1
  1383A God's Word And Oath Heb. 6:18
  1383B Consider The Greatness Of This Man Heb. 7:4
  1384A A New Covenant Heb. 8:8
  1384B A Greater And More Perfect Tabernacle Heb. 9:11
  1385A Lo, I Come Heb. 10:7
  1385B The Man With One Offering Heb. 10:11-25
  1386 Believing Things Not Seen Heb. 11:1-16
  1387A Faith's Expectations Heb. 11: 11-19
  1387B Faith's Choices Heb. 11:20-29
  1388A Faith's Author & Object Heb. 12:1-13
  1388B We Are Come To Mt. Zion Heb. 12:14-29
  1389A The Man With One Hope Heb. 10:26-39
  1389B The End Of Their Conversation Heb. 13:1-8
  1390A Seeking A City Heb. 13:9-14
  1390B The Everlasting Covenant Heb. 13:15-25
  1391A To See The Son Jn. 6:28-48
  1391B When He Saw His Glory Jn. 12:37-48
  1392A The Way Made Plain Rom. 3:19-31
  1392B Brethren, Be Strong In The Lord Eph. 6:10
  1393 A Sermon For Me II Pet. 1:1-15
  1394A The Effects Of Divine Election Rom. 8:27-37
  1394B The Psalm Of The Cross Psa. 22
  1395A The Fear Of Death Removed Heb. 2:9-18
  1395B Special Thanks To The Father Col. 1:3-14
  1396A Abraham & Isaac Gen. 22
  1396B Where is now their god? Psa. 115
  1397A Reasons For A Good Hope - I Jn. 17:1-8
  1397B Reasons For A Good Hope - II Jn. 17:9-26
  1398 Let These Go Their Way Jn. 18:8 Psalm 36
  1399 The Gospel Of The Lord Jesus Christ Rom. 1:1-17
  1400A Blessed Are The Dead In Christ Rev. 14:13
  1400B The Blessedness Of Believing Matt. 5:1-12
  1401A Noble Companions–Truth & Love II John 1-6
  1401B Essential Doctrine–Father & Son II John 7-13
  1402 Godly Counsel I Thess. 5:16-28
  1403A Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth Matt. 5:11-19
  1403B A Right Understanding Matt. 5:20-48
  1404 To Be Seen Of Men Or God? Matt. 6:1-15
  1405A A Farewell Dinner Matt. 9:1-13
  1405B All These Things Will Be Added Matt. 6:19-34
  1406A The Narrow Way Matt. 7:13-20
  1406B Building On A Good Foundation Matt. 7:21-29
  1407A The Golden Rule Matt. 7:1-12
  1407B Words Of Assurance Gal. 5:1-6
  1408 The Testimony Of Jesus Christ Rev. 1:9
  1409 A Letter To The Saints Eph. 1:1-14
  1410A The Reward Of Faith Matt. 19:16-30
  1410B Him Declare I Unto You Acts 17:23-28
  1411A Saved By Grace Eph. 2:1-10
  1411B The Great & Dreadful God Dan. 9
  1412A Christ, Our Righteousness Psalm 9:1-11
  1412B Can These Bones Live? Ezek. 37:1-14
  1413A The Preaching Of The Gospel I Cor. 1:18
  1413B Christ, Our Interpreter Job 33:23-30
  1414A The Keys Of The Kingdom Matt. 16:19
  1414B A Divine Proclamation Isa. 45:5-15
  1415A The Lord Is My Light & Salvation Psalm 27:1-4
  1415B All Israel Shall Be Saved Isa. 45:15-25
  1416A Righteousness Without Works - I Rom. 4:1-15
  1416B Righteousness Without Works - II Rom. 4:16-25
  1417 To Keep You From Falling Jude 1-11
  1418A Rise Up, Go Forth & Be Gone Exo. 12:21-32
  1418B A Defense Against Falling Away Jude 9-25
  1419A Before Jordan II Kings 5:1-14
  1419B After Jordan II Kings 5:14-27
  1420A Our Merciful, Faithful High Priest Heb. 2:17
  1420B The Way Of The Blessed Psa. 1
  1421A The Reward Of Faith I Pet. 1:8-9
  1421B All Flesh Is Grass I Pet. 1:23
  1422A Behold, I Send My Messenger Matt. 11:1-15
  1422B Wisdom Is Justified Of Her Children Matt. 11:16-30
  1423A When Jesus Was Glorified John 12:23-24
  1423B Are You Staggering Or Standing? I Thess. 3
  1424A Salvation Is Of The Lord Jonah 1-2
  1424B Nineveh Believed God Jonah 3-4
  1425 The Lord Our Trust Psa. 40:1-4
  1426A That Rock Is Christ Exo. 17:1-17
  1426B Thy Wonderful Works Psa. 40:5-17
  1427A The Mysteries Of Divine Providence Psalm 73
  1427B We Seek A Better Country Heb. 11:13-16
  1428A The Testimony Of Our Lord II Tim. 1:8
  1428B Sound Words II Tim. 1:13
  1429A Judged In Christ or By Christ II Thess. 1
  1429B The Coming of Our Lord II Thess. 2
  1430A The Song Of Holy Confidence Psa. 46
  1430B Grace And Life–The Free Gift Rom. 5:12
  1431A They Saw No Man, Save Jesus Only Matt. 17:1-9
  1431B Isaiah Saw His Glory John 12:37-50
  1432A Uncommon Words Eph. 3:1-9
  1432B Abundant Life Titus 3
  1433A The Preaching Of The Cross I Cor. 1:17-21
  1433B But God Hath Chosen I Cor. 1:22-31
  1434A Lost And Found Luke 15:1-7
  1434B Lost And Found Luke 15:8-25
  1435A Faith & Assurance II Tim. 3:17
  1435B The Knowledge Of The Glory Of God II Cor. 4:1-9
  1436A The Conversion Of A Religious Man Acts 22:1-16
  1436B The Conversion Of A Worldly Man Acts 8:26-39
  1437A All Things Are For Your Sake II Cor. 4:10-18
  1437B Our High Priest Heb. 7
  1438A God's Grace Or Man's Works Rom. 9:1-23
  1438B Reasons For A Good Hope Rom. 8:28-39
  1439A The Veil Rent In Twain Mark 15:37 - 16:16
  1439B Dead In Adam–Alive In Christ Rom. 5:19 - 6:7
  1440A The Bread Of God John 6
  1440B The Mercies Of Our Covenant God Eph. 1:1-14
  1441A Understanding The Scriptures -I Luke 24:13-32
  1441B Understanding The Scriptures - II Luke 24:33-49
  1442A It Must Be Perfect To Be Accepted Phil. 3:1-8
  1442B Come And See Phil. 3:8-14
  1443A A Remembrance Of Him I Cor. 11:23-26
  1443B This Is The Message I John 1
  1444A The Greatest Story Ever Told Rom. 3:19-31
  1444B Ever Mindful Of His Covenant Psalm 111
  1445A The Fruits & Effects Of Faith Rom. 5:1-11
  1445B Searched And Known Psalm 139
  1446A The Blessedness Of A Believer Psalm 112
  1446B What Is It To Come To Christ? I John 5
  1447A Israel Shall Be Saved In The Lord Isa. 45:15-25
  1447B The Unchanging Gospel Gal. 1:6-9
  1448A Christ, Our Intercessor Isa. 53:10-12
  1448B The New Covenant Ezek. 36:1-29
  1449A What Is Repentance? Luke 13
  1449B To Comfort And To Cry Isa. 40;1-17
  1450A A Psalm Of Assurance Psalm 32
  1450B At Issue–His Sovereignty & His Son Psalm 2
  1451A Heavenly Things John 3:1-8
  1451B All Things Are In His Hands John 3:22-36
  1452A When he comes, will he find faith? Luke 18:1-8
  1452B Not Like Other Men Luke 18:9-17
  1453A Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole Mark 5:21-43
  1453B A Rich Young Ruler Turned Away Luke 18:18-30
  1454A Mercy For Sinners Luke 18:31-43
  1454B He Also Is A Son Of Abraham Luke 19:1-27
  1455A Consider Christ Jesus - I Heb. 3:1-14
  1455B Consider Christ Jesus - II Heb. 2
  1456A The Lord Hath Need Of Him Luke 19:28-48
  1456B Our Great High Priest Heb. 4:14-16
  1457A Rest For The People Of God Heb. 4
  1457B These Things That Accompany Salvation Heb. 6:1-9
  1458A The Promise God Made Heb. 6:7-20
  1458B The Covenant God Made Heb. 8:1-13
  1459A One Offering For Sin Heb. 10:1-17
  1459B No More Offering For Sin Heb. 10:18-39
  1460A The Death Of The Testator Heb. 9:16
  1460B Faith Heb. 11:1-10
  1461A God Hath Prepared A Better City Heb. 11:11-16
  1461B God Hath Provided A Better Thing Heb. 11:17-40
  1462A Straight Paths For Your Feet Heb. 12:1-13
  1462B Him That Speaketh From Heaven Heb. 12:14-29
  1463A Election II Thess. 2:13-14
  1463B Ebenezer Phil. 3
  1464A An Heart Established With Grace Heb. 13
  1464B Lord, Teach Us To Pray Luke 11
  1465A The Divine Method Of Grace John 4:1-26
  1465B Eight Petitions Psa. 119:33-40
  1466 Ministers Of The Covenant II Cor. 4:1-9
  1467A Present Or Absent–Accepted In Him II Cor. 5:1-9
  1467B The Ministry Of Reconciliation II Cor. 5:12-15
  1468A The Deep Things Of God I Cor. 2
  1468B All Things For Your Sake II Cor. 4:10-18
  1469A The Lord Will Help Me Isa. 50:1-11
  1469B Unto Thee Will I Pray Psalm 5
  1470A According To The Will Of God Gal. 1:1-10
  1470B He Revealed His Son In Me Gal. 1:11-24
  1471A O Foolish Galatians Gal. 3:1-9
  1471B The Just Shall Live By Faith Gal. 3:10-16
  1472A The Supper At Antioch Gal. 2
  1472B Heirs According To The Promise Gal. 3:17-29
  1473A An Heir Of Jesus Christ Gal. 4:1-7
  1473B Known Of God Gal. 4:8-16
  1474A Cast Out The Bondwoman Gal. 4:13-31
  1474B Wait For Hope Of Righteousness By Faith Gal. 5:1-6
  1475A The Declaration Of The Cross Gal. 5:7-12
  1475B Liberty In Christ Gal. 5:13-26
  1476A Fulfilling The Law Of Christ Gal. 6:1-11
  1476B The Glory Of The Cross Gal. 6:12-18
  1477A Translated Col. 1:1-11
  1477B Reconciled Col. 1:12-29
  1478A The Passover Observed I Cor. 10:16-17
  1478B The Treasures Of Wisdom Col. 2:1-10
  1479A Jesus Christ Himself Col. 2:2-23
  1479B Christ Is All And In All Col. 3:1-11
  1480A The Doctrine Of Christ - I Eph. 1:1-6
  1480B The Doctrine Of Christ - II Eph. 1:7-14
  1481A Duties Of The Elect Of God Col. 3:12-4:1
  1481B The Truth Will Make You Free Isa. 61:1-3
  1482A Behold My Servant Isa. 42:1-10
  1482B Mary's Song Of Rejoicing Luke 1:46-55
  1483A The Strait Gate & The Narrow Way Matt. 7:13-20
  1483B He That Saith & He That Doeth Matt. 7:21-29
  1484A The End Of Faith--Salvation-I I Peter 1:1-9
  1484B The End Of Faith--Salvation-II I Peter 1:9
  1485 The Character Of The Lord Psalm 36
  1486A The Glorious Redemption I Pet. 1:9-21
  1486B Mercies Of The Covenant Acts 13:14-41
  1487A Christ, The Power & The Wisdom I Cor. 1:17-29
  1488A What is it to eat his flesh? John 6:48-69
  1488B Alpha & Omega Rev. 1:1-8
  1489A The Revelation Of Jesus Christ - I Rev. 1:9-15
  1489B The Revelation Of Jesus Christ - II Rev. 5
  1490A The Spirit Of Truth John 16:1-15
  1491A If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again? Job 14:1-15
  1491B The Hand Of God Hath Touched Me Job 19:6-27
  1492A Severe In Judgment & Rich In Mercy Psalm 9
  1492B The Gospel–One More Time II Cor. 5:10-21
  1493 Workers Together With Him II Cor. 6:1-10
  1494A The Children Of Wisdom - I Matt. 11:1-15
  1494B The Children Of Wisdom - II Matt. 11:16-30
  1495 Whom Say Ye That I AM? Matt. 16:1-20
  1496A Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen Matt. 22:1-14
  1496B Questions & Answers Matt. 22:15-46
  1497A Seven Saying At Lazarus' Grave John 11:20-45
  1497B A Parable For The Blind John 10:1-30
  1498A Abel And His Offering Gen. 4:1-17
  1498B Who desires life & good days? Psalm 34
  1499A The Seven Sayings From The Cross - I Luke 23 & John 19
  1499B The Seven Sayings From The Cross - II John 19, Matt. 27
  1500A Our Great High Priest-Who Is He? Heb. 8:1
  1500B Our Great High Priest-What Has He Done? Heb. 8

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