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  501A Christ–The Preacher's Only Subject I Cor. 2:2
  501B Salvation By Grace Through Faith Eph. 2:8-10
  502A The Believer Always Coming To Christ I Peter 2:4
  502B Salvation–A Miracle Of Grace Romans 5:8
  503A The Lord's Great Design In Redemption Rom. 8:28-30
  503B Somebody Hath Touched Me Luke 8:46
  504A The Road To Peace Jer. 6:13-14
  504B If You Seek You Will Find I Chron. 28:9
  505A A Reason To Hope I Peter 3:15
  506A By The Grace Of God I Am What I Am I Cor. 15:10
  506B Grace For The Guilty Hosea 1:2
  507 True Repentance Glorifies God Rev. 16:8-9
  508 Jude 24-25 Jude 24-25
  509 The Greatest Legacy Psa. 145:18-20
  510 Where Did You Get Your Living Water? John 4:11
  511 It May Be That You Shall Be Hid Zeph. 2:3
  512 God's Gracious Invitation Isa. 1:18-20
  513 The Call Of Grace Luke 19:1-10
  514 Jacob Have I Loved–Esau Have I Hated Romans 9:13
  515A Pride And Humility I Peter 5:5
  515B A Word To Those Who Believe I John 5:13
  516A Have You Seen The Lord? John 14:19
  516B The Difference In Professing Christ And Confessing Christ Luke 12:8-9
  517A Christ–Our Passover I Cor. 5:7
  517B Healed By His Stripes Isaiah 53:6
  518A Head Knowledge Or Heart Faith? Job 42:5-6
  518B The Great Riddle Of All Ages Job 25:4-6
  519A Set Apart To Preach The Gospel Romans 1:1
  519B Faith's View Of Christ Luke 7:7-8
  520A He That Believeth On The Son Hath Life John 3:36
  520B Christ–Our Body Of Divinity I Thess. 1:10
  521A More Blessed To Give Than To Receive Acts 20:25
  521B Even Now John 11:21-22
  522A Why I Preach Today I Cor. 9:16
  522B In Christ Eph. 1:1-14
  523A What Is It To Receive Christ? John 1:1-14
  523B The Liberty Of Believers John 8:30-36
  524A Boldness At The Throne Heb. 4:16
  524B That I May Be Found In Him Phil. 3:9
  525 Lost In Adam–Saved In Christ Rom. 5:19
  526A Alive–Dead–Alive Forever Rom. 7:9
  526B Christ In The Old Testament Exodus 17:6-15
  527A What Is Your Life No. 2? James 4:14
  527B Taught Of God John 6:44-45
  528A The Glory Of His Grace Exodus 33:18-19
  528B A Question And An Answer Psalm 130:3-6
  529A Foolish Galatians Galatians 3:1
  529B Salvation Is of The Lord Jonah 2:9
  530A Salvation Is Through Faith Jeremiah 29:13=14
  530B A Simple But Profound Supper I Cor. 11:25-26
  531A The Master's Message To All Men Matthew 11:15
  531B Which Is The True Way To God? John 14:6
  532A The True Circumcision Philippians 3:3
  532B Free From Sin Rom. 6:18
  533A The True Believer's Confidence Romans 8:28
  533B Justified Freely By His Grace Romans 3:24
  534A One Great Evidence Of Redemption II Cor. 5:17
  534B A Sermon On Faith Rom. 4:20-25
  535A Two Vital Parts Of True Religion Galatians 6:15
  535B Behold The Lamb Of God John 1:29
  536 The Mystery Of Godliness I Timothy 3:16
  537 The Gospel Worthy Of All Acceptation I Tim. 1:15
  538A Christ–Our Mediator I Tim. 2:5
  539A He Humbled Himself Phil. 2:8
  539B The Cross Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Galatians 6:14
  540 Have You Been Born Again? John 3:3
  541 How Can These Things Be? John 3:9
  542A Why Men Hate Free Grace John 15:16-20
  542B Parable Of The Ten Virgins Matthew 25:1-13
  543A The Two Debtors Luke 7:41-43
  543B The Hidden Treasure Matt. 13:44
  544A A Runaway Slave Comes Home Philemon 10
  544B A Parable For The Self-Righteous Luke 18:9-14
  545A The Way Made Plain Ephesians 1:13-14
  545B Parable Of The Samaritan Luke 10:30-35
  546A How Does One Learn The Gospel? Romans 10:13-15
  546B One Parable With Three Parts Luke 15:1-24
  547A To Never Thirst Again John 4:13-14
  547B Jesus Christ-Immutable Hebrews 13:8
  548A Definition Of A Christian Acts 26:18
  548B Nevertheless Luke 22:42
  549A I Will See That Which Is Lost Ezekiel 34:16
  549B Two Great Blessings Of Faith Romans 5:1
  550A Grace Poured From His Lips Psalm 45:2
  551A Parable Of The Wedding Feast Matthew 22:1-14
  551B God's Promise Built On Four Pillars II Peter 1:4
  552A The Just Shall Live By Faith Galatians 3:11
  552B Comfort From God's Covenant II Sam. 23:5
  553A The Believer's Confidence And Comfort Romans 8:28
  553B Lessons To Be Learned From The Law Romans 7:7-9
  554A The Believer's Motto I Cor. 15:10
  554B The Two-Fold Message Of Evangelism Isa.40:6-11
  555A The Redeemer Describes Himself Isa. 50:1-9
  555B Redemption Through His Blood Eph. 1:7
  556A The Believer's Confidence & Comfort Romans 8:28
  556B Lessons To Be Learned From The Law Romans 7:7-9
  557A He That Believeth Mark 16:14-16
  557B Directions For Disciples Phil. 4:1-8
  558A Our Sovereign Lord I Chron. 29:10-20
  558B The Righteousness Which Is Of God Philippians 3:8-9
  559 That Rock Was Christ I Cor. 10:4
  560A An Indescribable Loss Mark 8:34-38
  560B This Is True...And So Is That John 6:37
  561 The Prince Of This World Cometh John 14:30
  562A The Great Absence I John 4:7-8
  562B My Hope Of Glory Col. 1:27
  563 Lord I Believe..Help My Unbelief Mark 9:23-24
  564A What To Do When Things To Wrong Gen. 35:1
  564B We Conclude Rom. 3:28
  565 True Conviction Related To Christ John 16:8-11
  566A The Master Washes Feet John 13:8
  566B Thy Salvation Luke 2:29-30
  567 The Way Made Plain Acts 8:35-37
  568A The Time Is At Hand Rev. 1:3-8
  568B The Deceitful Heart Jeremiah 17:9
  569 The Saving Promise Exo. 12:13
  570A We Have A Great High Priest Heb. 4:14-16
  570B Believers Are Not Of The World John 17:16
  571 Not Hearers Only James 1:2
  572A To Live And To Die Phil. 1:21
  572B When Is A Man Saved? Luke 22:31-34
  573 The Threefold Result Of Grace I Cor. 1:4-9
  575A Seeing The Glory Of Christ Luke 9:32
  575B Great Is The Mystery Of Godliness I Tim. 3:16
  576 Christ Precious To Believers I Peter 2:7
  577A Faith's Resting Place I Cor. 2:5
  577B Lord, Teach Us To Pray Matt. 6:9-13
  579 Saving Faith–Confessing Christ Luke 12:8-9
  581 Gospel Knowledge I John 5:20
  582 Called To Eternal Glory I Peter 5:10-11
  583A The Favor Of God–Our Only Concern Gal. 1:10
  583B Perfect Beauty Ezek. 16:14
  584A Comfort Ye My People Isa. 40:1-2
  584B Understanding The Scriptures Luke 24:44-47
  585A But God Eph. 2:4
  585B Life's Two Most Critical Areas I John 5:1
  586A Free From The Law Gal. 4:1-5
  586B Born Free Gal. 4:30-31
  587A Just And Justifier Isa. 45:20-22
  587B Four Great Fears Removed Rom. 8:31-39
  588 What It Is To Believe With The Heart Rom. 10:9-10
  589A Confidence Without Presumption (No. 1) Phil. 1:6
  589B Confidence Without Presumption (No. 2) Phil. 1:6
  592A What Do You Think Of The Cross? John 19:17
  592B On The Trail Of His Sheep John 10:14-16
  593 Have I Repented? Luke 13:3-5
  594A True Conviction Leads To Rest Matt. 11:28
  594B Life's Greatest Privilege And Highest Calling John 1:12
  595 A Garment Tailored For One Man Acts 13:48
  596 The Salvation Of The Righteous Is Of The Lord Psalm 37:39
  598A Five Things Given To Christ John 17:2
  598B Removing Hindrances From The Sinner's Way John 11:39
  599 For He Must Reign Until... I Cor. 15:25
  600A Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? Matt. 27:46
  600B Life, Death, & Life After Death I John 5:11-13
  601A Gathered Together In His Name Matt. 18:20
  601B Heaven's Watchword Eph. 4:32
  602A A Real Hope For Real People Job 19:25
  602B The Life-Look Isa. 45:22
  603A Salvation By Grace Thru Faith Eph. 2:8-9
  603B When Is The Gospel The Gospel? I Cor. 9:16
  604A The Gospel Invitation John 7:37-39
  604B Lessons From Pentecost Acts 2:36
  605 The Foundation For Assurance Eph. 1:1-14
  606A Justification By Faith Rom. 5:1
  606B The Messenger And His Message John 1:29
  607A Rejoice Evermore I Thess. 5:16
  607B The Purpose Of God According To Election Rom. 9:11
  608 Have You Seen The Lord? Job 42:5-6
  609A How Does A Man Find God? Psalm 19:7-9
  609B A Call To The Unconverted Isa. 1:18
  610A The Prophet, The Pharisee, & The Sinner Luke 7:44-48
  610B What Mean Ye By This Service? Exo. 12:26
  611A The Only Gospel That Glorifies God Gal. 1:6-8
  611B Have You Justified God? Lk. 7:29-30
  612A Conquered By Christ Mark 5:15
  612B I Never Knew You Matt. 7:21-23
  613 True And False Conversion Luke 11:21-27
  614A Christ Known By Revelation Acts 7:13
  614B Hands Of Our Lord Luke 24:39
  615 I Saw The Lord Isa. 6:1-8
  616 The Gospel According To Paul Rom. 10:1-10
  617A A Friend Loveth At All Times Prov. 17:17
  617B A Saving View Of The Cross Matt. 27:26-36
  618A Jesus Is The Christ (#1) Acts 2:26-36
  618B Jesus Is The Christ (#2) Acts 3:19-24
  619 We Behold His Glory John 1:14
  620B Knowing God Phil. 3:6-10
  621A Believe On The Lord Jesus Christ Acts 16:30-31
  621B Jesus Christ Our Forerunner Heb. 6:20
  622A Doctor Grace Mark 5:25-29
  622B The Gospel Is A Command Rom. 10:17
  623 The Trial And Response Of Faith Gal. 3:6-9
  624 The Ascension Of Christ John 20:17
  625A The Importance Of Preaching Luke 4:18-19
  625B Our Light Afflictions II Cor. 4:16-17
  626 Faith Or Fatalism Luke 19:20-24
  627A The Words Written Over The Cross John 19:19
  627B It Is Finished John 19:30
  628A The Power Of The Gospel I Thess. 1:1-10
  628B He Is A Real Jew Rom. 2:28-29
  629A The Gospel Of Christ Rom. 1:16
  629B Observations On The Lord's Table I Cor. 11
  630A Entering Into His Rest Heb. 4:10-11
  630B Let Us Talk About Assurance I John 3:14
  631A What We Ought To Do Heb. 2:1
  631B The Mission Of Christ I Tim. 1:15
  632A Him That Speaketh From Heaven Heb. 12:25
  632B Melchisedec, True Type Of Christ Heb. 7:21
  633A Preaching The Gospel I Cor. 1:18
  633B Who, What, How, & Why? I Cor. 4:7
  634 Prayer And Public Worship I Tim. 2:1-15
  635 The Sure Mercies Of David Isa. 55:3
  636A The Principles Of Conversion Ezek. 36:26
  636B Good News For The Lost Luke 19:10
  637A Peace With God Thru Christ Romans 5:1
  637B Take Heed To Thyself And Doctrine I Tim. 4:16
  638A The Two-Fold Effect Of The Gospel II Cor. 2:14-16
  638B The Real Issue I Cor. 16:22
  639A T.U.L.I.P. Rom. 8:29-30
  639B The Effects Of Grace Rom. 8:31
  640A He Is Precious I Pet. 2:7-8
  640B A Closer Look At The New Birth John 3:3-7
  641A The Faith Of God's Elect John 3:36
  641B Is Your God Able To Deliver You? Daniel 6:20
  642A The Importance Of Public Worship Psalm 84:10
  642B Righteousness Imputed Rom. 4:22-25
  643A God's Cure For Care Heb. 4:12-16
  643B Speech Seasoned With Care Col. 4:2-6
  644 What Is It To Hear His Voice? Heb. 3:7
  645A God Was In Christ II Cor. 5:18-2
  645B Living On Christ Gal. 2:21
  646 Some Differences In Faith And Presumption I John 5:20
  647A Do You Believe God? Mark 16:15-16
  647B God Will Surely Visit You Gen. 50:24-25
  648A The One Message–Christ Crucified I Cor. 2:1-5
  648B To Live Or To Die–It Matters Not Phil. 1:21
  649A Our Unchanging God Ma1. 3:6
  649B Heavenly Music Rev. 5:9-10
  650A The Lord's Supper Luke 22:17-20
  650B Where Is He That Is Born King? Matt. 2:2
  651A A Prayer Of David Psalm 17
  652A One Mediator I Tim. 2:5
  652B Kiss The Son Psalm 2:12
  653A Death Of Deaths Isa. 53:10
  653B The Master's Stern Rebuke Matt. 18:3
  654 The Great Escape Matt. 5:21-22
  655A This Is Eternal Life Jn. 17:1-3
  655B Blind Bartimaeus Mark 10:46-52
  656A Seeing God's Glory In Christ II Cor. 4:6
  656B A Parting Word Acts 20:25-27
  657A The Redeemer Revealed Jn. 4:26
  657B A Seeking Sinner Finds Rest Acts 8:37
  658A Bless God Who Has Blessed Us Eph. 1:3
  658B A Man Who Speaks For God Isa. 6:8-9
  659A Sovereign Mercy Rom. 9:16
  659B The Response Of Faith Rom. 10:9-10
  660A Union With Christ Jn. 17:20-23
  660B Looking Back Luke 9:57-62
  661A The Test Of My Profession Col. 1:21-23
  661B Who Is Jesus Christ? Matt. 16:15
  662 Memorial Service For Joyce Ballard --
  663A The First And Second Heb. 10:9
  663B And We Know I John 5:20
  664A These Three I Cor. 13:13
  664B Calling And Election Sure II Peter 1:10
  665A The Sad Results Of Unbelief Mark 16:16
  665B The Sower Soweth The Word Mark 4:14
  666A The Simplicity That Is In Christ II Cor. 11:3-4
  666B The Same Old Story I Cor. 2:2
  667 Remember Now Thy Creator Eccles. 12:1
  668A Looking Unto Jesus Heb. 12:2
  668B The Way Of Salvation Acts 4:12
  669A A Psalm Of Love I Cor. 13:1-13
  669B A Closer Look At Faith Rom. 4:3-5
  670 Do Not Put God In A Mold Mark 8:23-25
  671 All Things Given To Christ John 17:1-26
  672A The Great Question Answered Job 25:4-6
  672B The Name Of The Lord Rom. 10:13-17
  673A With The Heart Man Believeth Rom. 10:10
  673B The First Last–The Last First Matt. 20:16
  674 What Is Wrong With Religion? Matt. 23:23
  675A My Greatest Glory Gal. 6:14
  675B The Perseverance Of Believers Phil 1:6
  676 Our Common Faith Matt. 16:13-18
  677A Plain Direction To Seekers Psalm 4:4-5
  677B The Blessed Man Psalm 1
  678A The Marks Of Grace In The Soul Matt. 5:1-12
  478B Coming To Christ John 6:44-48
  679A Christ's Love For His Church Eph. 5:25-32
  679B A Three Word Sermon Col. 3:11
  680 Treasure Hid In A Field Matt. 13:44
  681 Saved By Grace Alone Col. 2:10-11
  682A Ruth Ruth 3:9
  682B Redeemed By His Blood I Peter 1:18-21
  683A Knowing Christ Crucified I Cor. 2:2
  684A Christ, Our Passover I Cor. 5:7
  685 The Resurrection Of The Dead Acts 24:15
  686 We Shall See Him As He Is I John 3:2
  687A Where Is He? John 7:11
  687B Believers Never Quit John 6:66-69
  688 The Preaching Of The Cross I Cor. 1:18
  689A There Was A Division Jn. 7:43
  689B A Sure Foundation Isa. 28:14-18
  690A Seeking The Lord Lam. 3:25-26
  690B The Glorious Freedom Of Truth John 8:30-32
  691 The Veil Rent Matt. 27:50-51
  692A The Just Shall Live By Faith Heb. 10:38
  692B Will God Send A Revival In Our Day Act 2:36
  693A Hearing Mixed With Faith Heb. 4:1-2
  693B Abraham Believed God Rom. 4:3
  694 These Words Spake Jesus John 17:1
  695 The Blood Before The Lord Lev. 4:7-8
  696A So You Want To Enter The Ministry? II Cor. 4:1
  696B Our Ministry Tried By Fire I Cor. 3:13-15
  697A Who Needs Jesus Christ? Matt. 9:10-13
  697B The Final Word Acts 28:24
  698 Ignorance And Unbelief I Tim. 1:12-13
  699 Things Which Promote Peace Psa. 133:1-3
  700A Faith Illustrated John 4:46-53
  700B The Joy Of Believing God Rom. 8:28-39
  701A Seeking God The Right Way I Chron. 15:13
  701B Special Grace Psa. 91:14-16
  702 Isaiah 53 Isaiah 53
  703A Questions About The Trinity I John 5:7
  703B What Do They Believe That Believe Not? Acts 28:23-24
  704A What Is It To Be Without Christ? Eph. 2:12
  704B Not Far From The Kingdom Of God Mark 12:34
  705A The Blood Of Abel And The Blood Of Christ Heb. 12:24
  705B Wash And Be Clean II Kings 5:13
  706A The True God & Eternal Life I John 5:20
  706B Mephibosheth II Sam. 9:1-13
  707 The Difference Gal. 2:21
  708A A Man Named John John 1:6
  708B John The Baptist Comes To Town Matt. 3:1
  709 Preaching To Our Day Eph. 4:11-16
  710A From Death To Life Ezek. 16:1-14
  710B A Close Look At Our Ministry II Cor. 4:1
  711 Grace I Cor. 15:10
  712A Show Me Thy Glory Exo. 33:18-19
  712B The Lordship Of Christ Rom. 10:9-10
  713 I Believe Jesus Is The Christ John 5:1-29
  714 I Believe Jesus Is The Christ Part II John 5:29-42
  715 The Power And Glory Of Our Lord John 11:1-46
  716 Paul's Doxology Eph. 1:3
  717 Great And Mighty Themes Eph. 1:3-7
  718A Great Is The Mystery Of Godliness I Tim. 3:16
  718B Worthy Is The Lamb Rev. 5:12
  719 Sin And The Believer Rom. 6:11-12
  720A Removed From The Gospel Gal. 1:6
  720B The Hope Of The Gospel Col. 1:23
  721A We Preach Christ Crucified I Cor. 1:17-24
  721B Saved By Grace Through Faith Acts.8:26-39
  722A Salvation Heb. 7:25
  722B What Is It To Trust Christ? Eph. 1:11-13
  723A This Scripture Fulfilled In Me Luke 4:21
  723B The Death Of His Saints Psalm 116:15
  724A Let God Be True Rom. 3:3-4
  724B What Mean Ye By This Service? Exo. 12:25-27
  725A Real Grace For Real Need Luke 9:11
  725B Preaching To An Awakened Sinner Acts 22:13-16
  726 All That Was Written Of Him Acts 13:29-30
  727 Sovereignty And Salvation II Tim. 1:8-11
  728A You Don't Give Sinners A Chance I Sam. 2:6-8
  728B Coming To Christ In Faith I Peter 2:4-7
  729A Glorying Accepted II Cor. 10:17-18
  729B How Will You Do In The Swelling Of Jordan? Jer. 12:1-5
  730A The Unchanging God–Our Comfort Mal. 3:6
  730B The Lord–Our Righteousness Is His Name Jer. 23:6
  731 Tell How Great Things The Lord Hath Done Mark 5:1-20
  732A Seven Wonders From Calvary Luke 23:33
  732B Why Christ Died I Peter 3:18
  733 The Knowledge Of Christ Phil. 3:8-11
  734 If We Confess Our Sins I John 1:8-10
  735 The Thing That Is Right Job 42:7-8
  736A We Are Members One Of Another Eph. 4:25
  736B Much More Rom. 5:9
  737A I Acknowledge My Transgressions Psa. 51:3-4
  737B Christ Is All And In All Col. 3:11
  738A The Lord Will Provide Gen. 22:14
  738B Look Unto Me And Be Ye Saved Isa. 45:22
  739 The Lord Is My Shepherd Psa. 23
  740 To The Unknown God Acts 17:22-31
  741A Those That Walk In Pride, He Will Abase Daniel 4:37
  741B I Am Thy Saviour And Redeemer Isa. 49:26
  742 Growing In Grace II Peter 3:18
  743A My Gospel Rom. 16:25-27
  743B Christ–Who Is Our Life Col. 3:4
  744A Rejoice In The Lord Phil. 4:4
  744B The Righteous Shall Hold His Way Job 17:9
  745A Other Gods & Other Gospels Psalm 138:1
  745B We Preach Unto You The Gospel Of God I Thess. 2:9
  746A In Remembrance Of Me Lk. 22:19
  746B Eight Great Precepts Grace Psalm 37
  747A Grace Gen. 6:8
  747B Praise The Lord, 0 My Soul Psa. 146
  748 The Trial Of Your Faith I Pet. 1:7
  749 What Is Meant By The Word "Saved" --
  750A Four Things Essential To Salvation John 1:1-13
  750B Washing Feet John 13:1-17
  751A Ready To Die Luke 2:28-32
  751B Do The Work Of An Evangelist II Tim. 4:6
  752A Blessed Is The Man Luke 1:28
  752B The Important Part I Cor. 1:21
  753A Psalm 17 Psalm 17
  753B Christ Is The Door John 10:1-10
  754A What The Bible Says About Giving Luke 6:38
  754B You Believe Not Because John 10: 26
  755A Ye Neither Know Me Nor My Father John 8:12-32
  755B A Summary Of Our Preaching Psalm 40:9-10
  756A The Cross Of Christ–My Glory Gal. 6:14
  756B A Conference To Be Avoided Gal. 1:15-16
  757 Faith And Confession Rom. 10:9-10
  758A The Offense Of The Cross Gal. 5:11
  758B The Promises Of God I Cor. 1:20
  759A The Preeminence Of Christ Col. 1:18
  759B What Is True Worship? John 4:24
  760A Faith Is The Power Of God I Cor. 1:5
  760B The Pastor's Greatest Fear II Cor. 11:3
  761A God Hath Spoken To Us Heb. 1:1-3
  761B Don't Be Afraid To Die Heb. 2:15
  762 Sir! We Would See Jesus John 12:21
  763 Did Christ Die In Vain? Gal. 2:21
  764A What Shall We Believe And Why? John 20:31
  764B Lessons From Lydia's Conversion Acts 16:13-15
  765A The Lord's Prayer John 17:9
  765B A Plain Word About Salvation John 10:9
  766 This Man Receiveth Sinners Luke 15:2
  767A Preaching That Produces Results Acts 2:22-39
  767B Dying Grace II Sam. 23:1-5
  768A Confessions Of A Believer Phil. 3:13-14
  768B The Faith That Saves Heb. 11:1-2
  769 The Proof Of Discipleship John 8:31-32
  770A A Word About Church Unity Eph. 4:1-16
  770B The Forgiveness Of Sin Eph. 1:7
  771A Speaking The Truth In Love Eph. 4:15
  772A Jesus Christ Is Better Heb. 1:4
  772B This Do Luke 22:19
  773A Grace Is Better Than Gifts I Cor. 12:31
  773B He Laid Down His Life For Us I John 3:16
  774 The Fruit Of The Spirit John 15:1-7
  775 Salvation According To Scripture Acts 4:11-12
  776A The Gospel That Saves II Jn. 9-10
  776B Calculating Without Christ John 6:1-14
  777 The Voice Of The Devil Eph. 6:10-12
  778 The Truth Shall Make You Free John 8:30-32
  779A Thy Face, Lord, Will I Seek Psalm 27:4, 8
  780A Grace Pours From His Lips Psalm 45:2
  781A The Righteousness Of God Rom. 1:16-17
  781B Heart Faith Rom. 10:9-10
  782 Religious Experience Or Real Experience Matt. 7:21-23
  783A Loaves or Living Bread John 6:25-37
  783B Summary of True Religion I Tim. 3:16
  784 The Sinner's Saviour I John 1:8-9
  785A I Know That My Redeemer Liveth Job 19:25-27
  785B Good News For The Guilty Heb. 9:24-28
  786A Sweet Assurance In Christ Rom. 5:8-9
  786B Great and Precious Promises II Peter 1:1-4
  787A Wherein Do We Differ? Acts 24:14
  787B Grace Abounding Over Sin Rom. 5:20
  788A The Redeemer Describes Himself Isa. 50:1-11
  788B What To Do When Things Go Wrong Gen. 35:1
  789A Reflections of 60 Years Psalm 39:4-5
  789B High Doctrine and Good Hope John 6:37
  790A Four Fundamentals of Faith II Tim. 1:7-12
  790B Children of God Gal. 3:7,9,26
  791 The Precious Blood of Christ I Pet. 1:18-25
  792A Christ Is All In All Col. 3:1
  792B The Vail Removed In Christ II Cor. 3:14-16
  793A I Have Good News For You I John 5:1-5
  794 The Mysterious Ways of God Isa. 55:6-11
  795A Christ Jesus–God's Salvation Luke 2:21-30
  795B An Honest Heart Before God I John 1:6-10
  796A The Parable of The Sower Mark 4:1-25
  796B An Intruder Is Welcomed Mark 5:21-34
  797A Beware of Leaven of Pharisees Luke 12:1-2
  797B Scripture Fulfilled In Your Ears Luke 4:21
  798 What Shall It Profit? Mark 8:34-37
  799A Hungry? Luke 1:53
  799B Who Will Bring Us To God? I Peter 3:8
  800A I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel Rom. 1:16
  800B Righteousness Imputed By Faith Rom. 4:20-25
  801 Who Is On The Lord's Side? Exo. 32:26
  802A I Am He John 4:26
  802B Sinners Justify God Luke 7:29-30
  803A Christ, The Mediator I Tim. 2:5
  803B Christ, The True Manna John 6:30-35
  804 Righteousness Fulfilled In Us Rom. 8:1-4
  805A Jehovah Jireh Gen. 22:14
  805B Six Things Believers Will Do Rom. 3:28
  806A The Way of Atonement Lev. 16:15-17
  806B All That Believee Are Justified Acts 13:38-39
  807A I, Too, Shall Die Lev. 16:15-17
  807B And Death Shall Be Precious Psalm 116:15
  808A Orthodox Paradoxes Eph. 2:8
  808B Lay Hold On Eternal Life II Tim. 6:12
  809A The Mystery Of The Kingdom Of God Mark 4:11
  809B Blow Upon My Garden Song of Solomon 4:16
  810A Thou Gavest Me, I Have Given Them John 17:1-22
  811A Life From The Dead Eph. 2:1-13
  811B Joint-Heir With Christ Rom. 8:16-17
  812A Seven Sayings Of The Savior Luke 23:34
  812B Joshua's Solemn Warning Joshua 23:12-16
  813A Entering Into His Kingdom Heb. 4:1-16
  813B Faith in Christ Will Save Sinners Matt. 15:22-28
  814A Assurance of Salvation II Tim. 4:6-8
  814B The Church That Jesus Builds Matt. 16:13-18
  815A These Little Ones Matt. 18:14
  815B The Folly of Fundamentalism I Cor. 11:19
  816 The Gospel of Peace Rom. 1:1-17
  817A Unsearchable Riches of Christ Eph. 3:8
  817B Oneness of Believers Eph. 4:4-6
  818A Make Them A King I Sam. 8:22
  818B How Much Faith is Saving Faith? Mark 9:24
  819A A Conference To Be Avoided Gal. 1:13-16
  819B Questions The Jailer May Have Asked Acts 16:25-31
  820A Grace Illustrated Gal. 2:21
  820B Sacrificed I Cor. 5:7
  821A Vine, Branch, & Fruit John 15:1-5
  821B An Experience To Believers Acts 8:26-39
  822A God's Greatest Glory Exo. 33:18-19
  822B One Thing Thou Lackest Mark 10:17-22
  823 Speaking Right Things About God Job 42:7-8
  824A One Message, Christ Crucified I Cor. 2:2
  824B True Repentance II Peter 3:9
  825A A Pattern To Preachers Acts 20:17-35
  825B My Confession of Faith I Peter 1:18-21
  826 The Liberty of Christ Gal. 5:1-6
  827A I Am The Door John 10:9
  827B Once Saved, Always Saved John 5:24
  828 A Look At Saving Faith Rom. 3:19-31
  829A My Estimation of Jesus Christ John 5:23
  829B True and Lasting Happiness Psalm 1
  830A The Greatest Danger of All Rom. 2:28-29
  831 True Comfort In The Hour of Death II Sam. 23:1-5
  832A True Conviction & Conversion Lam. 3:21-26
  832B Is Faith Revelation or Reason? Luke 23:34-43
  833A The Unsearchable Riches of Christ Eph. 3:8
  833B The Name of Jesus Acts 3:6
  834A Free Grace John 1:10-13
  834B These People Called Christians Acts 4:23-37
  835A How To Meet The Doctrine of Election --
  835B God's Election Rom. 8:29-33
  836A How Is Salvation Received? Rom. 4:16
  836B The Righteousness of God Matt. 5:20
  837A The Goodness of God Isa. 1:18
  837B Darius's Dilemma Dan. 6:14
  838A My Beloved Is Mine and I Am His Song of Sol. 2:16
  838B The Glory of Christ Beheld Jn. 1:14
  839 He Cannot Be My Disciple Luke 14:25-33
  840A Good Hope Through Grace II Thess. 2:16
  840B These All Died In Faith Heb. 11:13
  841 They Ceased Not To Preach Christ Acts 5:42
  842 What Think Ye of Christ? Rev. 1:12-17
  843A No Condemnation Rom. 8:1
  843B The Cup of Blessing I Cor. 10:16
  844A My Attitude Toward The Cross of Christ I Cor. 1:17-33
  844B The Foundation Toward The Cross of Christ I Cor. 2:1-16
  845A How Can A Man Be Just With God? Job 9:2
  845B Christ, The Mighty God Isa. 9:6
  846 Christ Set Forth As A Propitiation Rom. 3:25-26
  847A The New Gospel Vs. The Old Gospel Acts 17:16-31
  847B This Is My Friend Song of Sol. 5:16
  848A The Day of Divine Visitation Isa. 12:1-6
  848B This One Thing Psalm 27:4
  849A A Song of Hope Psalm 130
  849B The Miracle of Regeneration Jer. 13:23
  850A True God, True Israel, True Redeemer Psalm 24
  850B The Most Deadly Sin of All Luke 18:9-14
  851 Faith That Pleases God Heb. 11:6
  852 Peace–Where It Is Found? II Cor. 13:11
  853 A Song of Love Psalm 45
  854A The Way Made Plain Rom. 3:23-28
  854B Life's Greatest Lesson Psalm 62:1-5
  855A The Ground and Assurance of Hope Rom. 8:1-39
  855B The Glory of The Cross Gal. 6:12-14
  856A Are You Ready To Wash Feet? John 13:1-17
  856B Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul Psalm 103
  857A The Salvation of A Sinner Heb. 10
  857B When Is a Man Saved? Rom. 13:11-12
  858A A Revelation of Righteousness & Wrath Rom. 1:16-17
  858B One Mediator Between God and Men I Tim. 2:5
  859 Christian Liberty and Christian Love Rom. 14:1-23
  860A The Forgiveness of Sin I John 1:9
  860B The Promise of His Coming II Peter 3:1-18
  861A The Lord's Living Temple I Thess. 1-10
  861B The Lord's Faithful Servants I Thess. 2:1-8
  862A The Glory of God or The Glory of Man Matt. 6:1-18
  862B Will Ye Also Go Away? John 6:66
  863A Faith–The Evidence of Grace Rom. 4:23-25
  863B Love–The Evidence of Faith I Cor. 13:1-13
  864A God's Great Design In Redemption Isa. 25:6-9
  864B No More Questions Mark 12:28-34
  865A Four Facts of Faith Rom. 3:10-28
  865B Amazing Grace John 6:36-45
  866A The Wisdom of God In Christ I Cor. 2:1-16
  866B The Reward of The Righteous Matt. 20:1-6
  867A Rejoice In Hope of The Glory of God Rom. 5:1-2
  867B Let Him Glory In The Lord II Cor. 10:17-18
  868 The Cross and The Crown I Peter 1:10-11
  869 Looking For A City Heb. 11:8-10
  870 Christ's Glory Is Christ Himself Isaiah 53
  871A I See The Way John 14:6
  871B Be Not Weary In Well Doing Gal. 6:1-10
  872A My Sin and His Grace Isa. 64:6
  872B Preaching Christ as Paul Preached Christ Acts 13
  873A The Preaching of Jesus Christ Rom. 16:25-27
  874A A Message On Seeking One Lord Heb. 11:6
  874B The Grace That Saved Mephibosheth II Sam. 9
  875A Free Grace or Free Will? Gal. 4:21-31
  875B The Liberty In Christ Gal. 5;1-6
  876A What I Believe About Jesus of Nazareth John 5:17-19
  876B The Wisdom of God I Cor. 2:1-16
  877 The Lord's Prayer John 17
  878A The Resurrection of The Dead I Cor. 15
  878B Speaking In Tongues I Cor. 14
  879A Things In Which God Delights Jer. 9:22-24
  879B The Miracle of Salvation Eph. 1:1-14
  880A My Confession of Faith Heb. 12:12
  880B Persevering In Perilous Times II Tim. 3:1-17
  881A The Shepherd of The Sheep John 10:1-18
  881B The Sheep of The Shepherd John 10:19-31
  882 My Sheep Hear My Voice John 10:7
  883A A Sermon on Assurance Rom. 5:12
  883B Christ, Our Assurance Rom. 5:8-9
  884 A Sermon On Prayer --
  885 He Called You By Our Gospel II Thess. 2:13-14
  886A The Sermon on Mars Hill Acts 17:16-31
  886B An Interview By Mail I Peter 3:10-16
  887A Cast Down But Not Destroyed II Cor. 4:1-18
  887B Shall i Die Like A Dog or A Man? Psalm 49
  888A The Name That Saves Acts 4:10-12
  888B Why Am I Like I Am? Rom. 7
  889A Psalm Psalm
  889B Job Writes His On Epitaph Job 19:23-27
  890A The Observer and The Observed Psalm 139
  890B From Religion To Rest Phil. 3:1-14
  891A The Faith of God's Elect John 6:35-48
  891B The Conclsion of The Whole Matter Eccles. 1 & 2
  892A What Is he Gospel? Heb. 10:19-25
  892B Division Because of Him John 7:43
  893A Crucified With Christ--Nevertheless I Live Gal. 2:20-21
  893B Boasting Excluded Rom. 3:27
  894A Resting In His Righeouseness Rom. 4:22-24
  894B Do You Believe on THe Son of God? John 9:35
  895A Offensive, But Not Offended Matt. 11:6
  895B And Now A Word For All Men Matt. 11:7-30
  896 Believing and Confessing Christ Rom. 10:9-10
  897A God's Everlasting Covenant II Sam. 23:5
  897B The Mysteries of The Brazen Serpent John 3:14
  898A The Story in Four Parts John 1:1-14
  898B Men Should Seek The Lord Acts 17:22-31
  899 Repentance and Faith Acts 20:17-21
  900A Who Will Be Saved? Heb. 7:25
  900B The End of All Things Is At Hand I Pet. 4:7-19
  901 The Gospel According To Isaiah Isa. 6:1-9
  902A Four Vital Truths Isa. 45:15-25
  902B God's Own Gospel Call Isa. 55:1-3
  903A A Religious Man's Refuge Isa. 28:14-18
  903B The Comforts of Old Age Psalm 3:23-25
  904A The Difference Between Religion and Life Rom. 8:1-5
  904B The Word of Faith We Preach Rom. 10:12-17
  905A Hold Fast To Sound Words II Tim. 1:13
  905B Conduct Which Adorns Sound Words Titus 2:9-10
  906A Sovereign Grace Rom. 9:1-24
  906B They Sought It Not By Faith Rom. 9:25-33
  907A A Man-Our Hiding Place Isa. 32:2
  907B The Name of The Lord Acts 3:6
  908A Justified In Christ Rom. 5:1-11
  908B Death is Swallowed Up In Victory I Cor. 1:1-58
  909A Fellow Helpers To The Truth III John 1-8
  909B A Sermon To The Church I Cor. 12:12-27
  910A A Tribute To Charlie Payne Psalm 23
  910B The Mercy Seat Exo. 25:22
  911A Words of Encouragement Heb. 4:14-16
  911B Lessons Learned From Naaman II Kings 5:1-14
  912A Faith Worketh By Love Gal. 5:1-6
  912B The Sinner's Prayer Psalm 130
  913A Accepted By The Blood Gen. 4:1-12
  913B My Hour Has Come John 12:20-26
  914 Memorial Service For Art Young Job 1:20-22
  915 Memorial Service For Bill Borders --
  916A The Sinner's Savior #1 --
  916B The Sinner's Savior #2 --
  917A What Can A Sinner Do? Acts 16:30-31
  917B Do You Understand What You Read? Acts 8:26-40
  918A Psalm 40 Psalm 40
  918B Seeking God After The Due Order I Chron. 15:12-13
  919A Take Ye Away The Stone John 11:39
  919B In Christ Eph. 1:1-14
  920A Work Out Your Own Salvation Phil. 1:12
  920B Words That Teach Philemon
  921A A Sermon For Sinners Eph.1:1-10
  921B The Person & Work of The Messiah Isa. 61:1-3
  922A He Saw My Day John 8:56
  922B A Sermon For Dying Believers II Cor. 5:1
  923A Jesus Christ-God Almighty Heb. 1
  923B Jesus Christ-Captain of Our Salvation Heb. 2
  924A Christ's Exaltation Continued Heb. 3
  924B Let Us Therefore Heb. 4
  925A Let Us Go On Heb. 6
  925B Melchisedec Heb. 4
  926A The Great High Priest Described Heb. 5
  926B This Is The Sum Heb. 8
  927A Hebrews Nine Hebrews 9
  927B Hebrews Ten Hebrews 10
  928A Now Faith Is… Heb. 11:1-6
  928B Examples of Faith Heb. 11:7-16
  929A The Hall of Faith Heb. 12:1-13
  929B Promises and Warnings Heb. 12:14-29
  930A No More Sin Heb. 1:17-39
  930B Let Brotherly Love Continue Heb. 13:1-8
  931A We Have An Altar Heb. 13:9-25
  931B The Precious Blood of Christ I Pet. 1:18-21
  932A The Resurrection of The Dead (I) I Cor. 15:1-34
  932B The Resurrection of The Dead (II) I Cor. 15:35-39
  933A Cry of The Evangelist (I) Isa. 40:1-2
  933B Cry of The Evangelist (II) Isa. 40:3-11
  934A Is God Defeated? (I) Rom. 3:3
  934B Is God Defeated? (II) Rom. 3:3
  935A I Am The True Vine John 15:1-8
  935B The Person & Work of Christ Jn. 17
  936A The Trial of Your Faith I Peter 1:1-7
  936B Be Ye Not The Servants of Men I Cor. 7:22-23
  937A The Way of Grace John 4:1-26
  937B Growing In Grace II Pet. 3:17-18
  938A Six Serious Charges Against Men John 5:17-47
  938B Am I A Repentant Sinner? Luke 13:1-5
  939A I Do Not Frustrate The Grace of God Gal. 2:21
  939B Mysteries John 6:41-45
  940A A Message For Preachers & People John 21:15-17
  940B Faith Without Works Is Dead James 2:20
  941A The Whole Gospel In One Verse I Thess. 1:10
  941B A Pattern of Conversion Acts 22:1-16
  942 Sovereign, Unchangeable Love Hosea 1-3
  943A The Walk of Faith I Thess. 5:1-22
  943B The Shepherd of The Sheep John 10:14-15
  944A All Dogs Go To Heaven Matt. 15
  944B Stewards of God's Grace I Cor. 4:1-7
  945A The 23RD Psalm Psalm 23
  945B Sound Doctrine & Good Works Titus 2:1
  946 To Me To Live Is Christ Phil. 1:21
  947A How Can God Be Known? I Cor. 1:19:24
  947B The Ground of Hope Rom. 8
  948A A Portrait of Christ Rev. 1:9-18
  948B Believers Contine To Believe I Peter 1:4
  949 We Have This Ministry I Cor. 4:1
  950A How Does One Know God? John 17:1-12
  950B Qualified For Heaven Col. 1:12-23
  951A Who Are They and What Do They Have? I Pet. 1:1-21
  951B Blessed Is The Man Psalm 1:1
  952A Imputed Righteousness Rom. 4:3
  952B The Conversion of Cornelius Acts 10:24
  953A The Foundation of Hope Lk. 24:32
  953B Faith In The Power of God I Cor. 2:1-7
  954A Sweetheart Love John 21:14-24
  954B Paul's Convessions Phil. 3:1-14
  955A I Would Not Have You To Be Ignorant I Tim. 1:13
  955B Final Instructions I Tim. 1:8-14
  956A A True Story Luke 7:36
  956B The Children's Troubles Psalm 73
  957A Recovering The Gospel - I Rom. 1:1-4
  957B Recovering The Gospel - II Acts 17:24-31
  958A True Ministers and True Believers Rom. 10:1-10
  958B The Parable of The SowerMark 4:1-20 Mark 4:1-20
  959A The Old, Old Story II Cor. 5:18-21
  959B Earthan Vessels II Cor. 4:5-18
  960A A Believer's Confidence Phil. 1:6
  960B Jehovah Shalom Judges 6:21-24
  961A The Key of Knowledge Col. 1:12-23
  961B A Letter From A Believer Rom. 10:8-17
  962A The Good News Rom. 3:25-26
  962B The Sure Mercies of David Isa. 55:3
  963 Death, Resurrection, and Eternity I Thess. 4:13-18
  964A One Thing Psalm 27
  964B Believing God I John 5:9-13
  965A The Kinsman Redeemer Ruth
  965B Paul's Greatest Fear II Cor. 11:3
  966A Christ's Blood and Body I Cor. 10:16
  966B The Gospel of The Power of God Rom. 1:16
  967A Pentecostal Preaching Acts 2:22-36
  967B The Body of Death Rom. 7:15-25
  968A They Believe Not Him Jn. 12:35-50
  968B Is There Oil In The Lamp? Matt. 25:1-13
  969A The Voice of The Lord Psalm 29
  969B Hannah's Prayer I Sam. 1:4, 2:10
  970A Sovereign Mercy II Sam. 9:1-13
  970B The Beatitudes Matt. 5:1-12
  971 Christ Is Our Life Col. 3:1-14
  972A Look And Live Jn. 3:14-15
  972B Whatever Ye Do, Do All To The Glory of God I Cor. 10:31
  973 Christ Is All and In All Col. 3:11
  974A The Lord Rules Over All Psalm 103:19
  974B Assurance Matt. 11:28-30
  975A Christ Is The Righteousness of God Rom. 10:1-11
  975B Whosoever Rom. 10:12-21
  976A My Chief Glory Gal. 6:14
  976B What Is True Worship? Eph. 3
  977A His Purpose-Our Only Real Hope Rom. 8:24-39
  977B Affection & Unity Among Believers Rom.14:7-Rom.15:7
  978A Hold Fast II Tim. 1:13
  978B Christ Died For Us Rom. 5:1-11
  979A A Believer's Attitude Gal. 6:1-16
  979B A Certain Woman Mark5:25-34
  980A Treasure Hid In A Field Matt. 13:44-46
  980B He Must Increase-I Must Decrease John 3:22-36
  981A Faith Heb. 10:38
  981B What Is A New Creature? II Cor. 5:17
  982 Supper At Simon's House Jn. 13:1-17
  983A Behold, My Servant Isa. 42;1
  983B The Man Who Prayed To Die Luke 2:25-32
  984A The Gospel By Which We Are Saved I Cor. 1:1-4
  984B Sovereign Grace Eph. 1:1-14
  985A Substitution II Cor 5:21
  985B Has God Opened Your Heart? Acts 16:6-15
  986A Envy, Strife, & Division I Cor. 3:1-23
  986B All Things Under His Feet Eph. 1:15-23
  987A Salvation Exo. 11-12
  987B The Call of Grace Isa. 1:18-20
  988A Stewards of The Grace of God I Cor. 4:1-7
  988B Thy God Will Deliver Thee Daniel 6:16
  989A A Walk Worthy of Our Calling Eph. 5:22-6:10
  990A I Am A Debtor Rom. 1:14
  990B The Day of Atonement Lev. 16
  991A Four Questions For The Thoughtful Rom. 8:28-39
  991B The Works of Salvation Phil. 2:1-16
  992A God is God Alone Isa. 45
  992B According to The Scriptures I Cor. 15:1-4
  993A How To Cope With Real Trouble Eccles. 3:1-14
  993B The Blessing Gen. 27:30-38
  994 The Fear of The Lord Deut. 10:12-22
  995A Be Strong In Grace II Tim. 2:1-10
  995B How Do You Know You Are Saved? Rom. 8:28-39
  996A Is It of Heaven or Is It of Men? Mark 11:27-33
  996B No Room For Boasting Rom. 3:27
  997A Why Men Find Sovereign Grace Offensive Eph. 2
  997B The Prisoner of Christ Eph. 3
  998A The Experience of Grace Psalm 51
  998B What Does It Mean To Confess Christ? Rom. 10:1-15
  999A What Is prayer? Luke 11:1-13
  999B The Just Shall Live By Faith Rom. 1:17
  1000 The Light of The Glorious Gospel of Christ II Cor. 4:3-4

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