Phil. 2:9

Tom Harding

Have you ever considered all the different names that God has given unto the Lord Jesus Christ throughout scripture? These names were given by our God to describe His glorious character and the nature of His effectual work. Our Lord is what He is called by God. You can take almost any letter of the alphabet and find many names given to our Lord. He indeed, is the Alpha and Omega, the A to Z of all our salvation. Lets consider His name just using the letters A thru D. Using the letter A, He is called: The Advocate, Almighty, Anointed, Arm of the Lord, Author of faith, and the Apostle. Lets describe only one of these names.

He is the ADVOCATE (1 JN. 2:1).

What is an advocate? One who pleads the cause of another, or intercedes and defends another. Certainly the Lord Jesus Christ does that for His sheep. When we sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous. His blood strongly and effectually pleads for His people, because it is His blood that put away our sin (Heb.9:26). Using the letter B, He is called: The Beginning, Beloved, Bishop, Branch, Bread of Life, Bright and Morning Star, and the Bridegroom. Again lets describe one of these names.

He is the BREAD OF LIFE (JN. 6:35).

Jesus Christ is the only nourishment that we can feed upon that will bring eternal life, everything else only brings death. By faith we receive Him and feed upon Him. He not only gives spiritual life, but He also eternally sustains the life He gives. We shall never hunger, never thirst.

Using the letter C, He is called: The Captain of our Salvation, Commander, Consolation, Corner Stone, Counseller, Christ of God.

He is the CAPTAIN OF OUR SALVATION (Heb.2:10).

Our Lord perfected and purchased our salvation through His sufferings (1 Peter 3:18). The Captain defeated all our enemies and will safely bring His people home to glory.

Using the letter D, He is called: The Daysman, Dayspring, Daystar, Deliverer, and the Door.

He is the DELIVERER (Rom.11:26).

He is the only one who has the right, power, will and ability to redeem the sheep. He was delivered up to Godís justice, that He might deliver us from Godís justice (Rom 4:25; Rom. 8:32).

Tom Harding, Pastor
Zebulon Baptist Church
Pikeville, Ky.

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