Lesson 3
II Peter 2:1-9

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(Vs. 1-3) This chapter contains a description of and warning concerning false teachers and preachers. They are described by their doctrines, their covetousness, their ways, their success, and their end.

(Vs. 4-6) God's Judgments against heresy, idolatry, and evil are illustrated and confirmed in these verses.

All of this is saying that God will punish sin. He will deal in judgment with the ungodly, whether it be the openly wicked who walk in corrupt evil or the false teachers who hide their evil pride and covetousness under a cloak of religion. (Exo. 34:7; Isa. 45:23-25; Psalm 73:17-22.)

(Vs. 7-9) Notice is taken in these and the preceding verses of the Lord's mercy in delivering the righteous, such as Noah and Lot, when wicked men are destroyed. (Rom. 8:1; Rom. 8:35-39.)

"The Lord knoweth how to deliver" those that fear Him and worship Him out of trial and tribulation such as Noah and Lot were exposed to. Evil may abound, false teachers may increase, and the true worship of the Lord may all but perish from the earth; but our God has a people who are chosen by Him, redeemed by His Son, and called and sanctified by His Spirit. He will keep them from falling (Jude 24) while He reserves, in His long-suffering and patience, the ungodly (to be punished) for the day of judgment.

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