Isaiah 61:3

Henry Mahan

"They are called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that HE MIGHT BE GLORIFIED"

As God's people grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ, our prayers change! There is more praise and less petition; more gratitude and less "give me;" more thanksgiving and fewer request. I believe this is a sign of spiritual maturity. Psalm 103 is an example of this. Most agree that David wrote the psalm in his latter years; for there is a clear sense of the FRAILTY OF THIS LIFE, there is a KEENER AWARENESS OF SIN, and there is a HIGH PRIORITY PLACED ON MERCY AND FORGIVENESS! As far as I can tell, NOT ONE PETITION NOR REQUEST occurs throughout the entire psalm. The psalmist, David, kneels in adoration and praises the Lord Himself. Let us learn from this. It is possible to be taken up with blessings, gifts, and benefits and fail to praise, thank, and rejoice in THE LORD HIMSELF!

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, KY.

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