Henry Mahan

It was the grace of God which taught Saul of Tarsus how to say "brother." If the Lord had not brought this proud Pharisee down, his Jewish pride would never have condescended to call a Roman "brother." But by the grace of God, there is in the heart of this "Hebrew of Hebrews" such love for all believers of every race and nation that he calls them all "my brethren." Someone said, "Grace joins believers in a common brotherhood and makes the prominent man embrace the poor and confess his love for them; grace weaves the threads of separate individualities and personalities into one undivided family!" Let the gospel be learned in the heart and it will mark the end of selfishness, it will bring down the proud from their elevated positions, and it will lift the young, the weak, and the old to their common rights and position as sons of God also. "Liberty, equality, and fraternity" may be heralded in the Bill of Rights; but only the gospel can make us TRULY FREE, make us all EQUAL in the person of our Lord Jesus, and give us the FRATERNITY OF BRETHREN in God's family.

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, KY.

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