Henry Mahan

The moment I try to imitate or copy the life of another human, I lose that which is an honor to me and glory to God - my individuality! I become a copy, and a copy is always inferior. The moment I try to mold my life after another person, I lose that which is a power to me, and that is my personality. God made me as I am to serve in His body, to accomplish His purpose, and to glorify His name. There is not in all the history of our race a single person whom I would bid you to mold your life in his image. There is not a single biography I would have you read and say, "I will relive this man's life." To imitate other men is weakness and will forfeit God's purpose for you. There is but one model. There is but one Whom you can imitate, copy, and strive to be like in every jot and tittle - that is our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Let us get our texts, our messages, our words from God. It is not great talent, great oratory, or great programs that God blesses - BUT HIS WORD. A word spoken by you in the power of the Lord - a word from His Word - is worth ten thousand words spoken in the energy of our flesh and the wisdom of the flesh. Oh, for a message from God in these days.

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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