Henry Mahan

T. T. Martin (pastor, missionary, and writer of the last century) once said, "There aren't many great sermons preached today. Preachers are bound by too many other things to be great preachers. They give more advice than a lawyer, visit more sick than a doctor, attend more meetings than a club-woman, shake more hands than a politician, teach more people than a professor, and use the other part of their time as errand boys. They are organizers, promoters, executives, and toast-masters - anything but prophets speaking for God to eternity-bound sinners."

Preachers today are like the little boy, loaded down with books, who was asked, "Son, where are you going? .... I'm going to school." "What are you learning? .... NOTHING, I'm too busy going to school,"

I wonder if we are too busy going to church, attending meetings, and promoting religion to sit at the feet of our Lord and learn of Him. I wonder if we do not often meet together in the name of Christ and forget the guest of honor. Are we indoctrinating men or introducing them to Christ? The preacher spent all of his time talking about the well and no one got to drink of the water of life. It is possible to preach ABOUT the gospel and never really PREACH THE GOSPEL.

"I took a plunge in the crimson flood
That washes white as snow;
I took a drink at the fountain-head
And it satisfies I know,
I took a look at the cross of Christ
And my burdens rolled away;
And I'm laughing, singing praise the Lord!
For that happy, happy day!

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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