Henry Mahan

Some of you have found that your family, friends, and fellow workers are not happy over your conversion to Christ - in fact, they are quite hostile. "I liked you better when you were not a Christian!" said one man to a new believer. Be encouraged, my friends; it is not you that they dislike, it is your Master. It is not you that they are against, it is the gospel you believe.

The gospel of God's free grace is hated and despised by natural men. The gospel of God's glory (salvation that gives God all the glory, that begins and ends with Him, that looks to Him as the fountain, the source, the giver, and the gift) is contrary to the flesh. They will not tolerate this message of sovereign mercy nor will they welcome those who believe and preach it. Two errors can walk together in harmony, or at least in peace, but error will never accept truth and will never allow it any room. It must be suppressed and denied. If you dare to declare your belief in the sovereign, electing, infinite, and everlasting love of Christ, prepare for trouble. If you have the courage to preach God's covenant mercies, Christ's sufficient obedience and sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit's effectual call, be assured that you will suffer the same trials as those who have walked this road before.

One of the great old sovereign grace preachers of the past gave four reasons for natural men's attitude toward the free grace of God.

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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