Henry Mahan

Several years ago I applied for a home improvement loan at a local bank. I did not deal with the President of the bank nor an officer of the bank but with one of the employees. This man was quite rude and unkind to me, causing me to cancel my account at that bank and move to another. The only contact I had with the bank was with this very poor representative, but it was enough to discourage me from going there again.

You and I represent our Lord, the gospel of the Lord Jesus, and the church of the first-born. The only contact some people have with the church and the kingdom of God is through us. What kind of impression, what idea of Christianity do we convey to them? I wonder if they do not sometimes walk away offended, disappointed, and resolved not to inquire further into our faith or listen to our message. I realize that we are frail creatures, subject to all of the limitations of the flesh; but we need to set a watch on our lips, control over our tempers, and put forth a special effort to adorn the gospel of His grace. If we endure persecution for the gospel's sake, well and good, but NOT FOR OUR OWN FAULTS!

Hnery Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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