Hebrews 12:17

Henry Mahan

It is said of Esau that he "found no way to change his mind, though he sought it carefully with tears"

The birthright which Esau treated with contempt and sold for a mere morsel of meat was more than the greater part of his father's estate. The birthright was a SPIRITUAL POSITION–God's man in the family. It carried with it spiritual blessings and Divine favor Esau's desires were sensual and fleshly; so he threw aside the favor of God to satisfy his current desires, designs, and appetite. When it came time for him to inherit the blessing, he was rejected and began to weep over his folly–too late. Shall we be so foolish as to consider that anything the world has to offer is worth departing from the fellowship of the Lord and the gospel of His free grace? Those who are so foolish as to allow anything in this life to cause them to renounce their faith in Christ and leave the fellowship of Christ will, like Esau, someday weep bitter tears when it is impossible to recover that which is gone forever!

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.


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