Henry Mahan

Should the mid-week service, usually held on Wednesday night, be a prayer meeting or a preaching service? Why not both? I feel that as much preparation and concern should be devoted to the mid-week service as we give to Sunday morning or Sunday evening. There are six long days between Sundays, during which believers are tried, tested and vexed with the burdens and cares of an unfriendly world. They need a refreshing oasis in the middle of that long journey to be encouraged, comforted and reminded of the blessings and benefits we have in Christ Jesus. Sinners need to hear the gospel as much on Wednesday as they do on Sunday and believers need to be exhorted and edified as much when they come together on Wednesday as on Sunday! Many pastors complain about poor attendance on Wednesday night. Perhaps it's because people are not interested in business meetings, hastily prepared devotions and sermonettes, or brief, ill-prepared services which are not worth the effort to attend. When a table is set and thoroughly furnished with the food of the Word, hungry people will come to eat. I challenge churches to have a mid-week service as interesting and inviting as Sunday morning with much praise, prayer, worship, fellowship, and good preaching. Some of our members have said they they took forward to and enjoy the Wednesday night service more than any other service.

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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