Henry Mahan

If a professing believer has a wayward son or daughter, an indifferent parent or mate, you seldom find that believer discussing publicly the faults, sins and weak points of that person. No matter how careless their conduct, how sinful their attitudes, or how evil their behavior, we have a way of hiding these things, making allowances for them, and putting up with it while we go on loving them. But, unfortunately, in the church, or the family of God, if a brother or sister has a weakness, or is overtaken in a fault, folks just can't wait to discuss it with everyone. Rather than covering the fault, praying for their recovery, or privately rebuking the offender, men delight in spreading all of the unpleasant details. Is this the love of Christ which we profess? I'm quite certain that it is not, but I suppose I must refer to these gossipers as Christians (for that is the distinction which they claim) until the day of the Lord reveals otherwise! But I do wish that folks who are so expert at keeping the bones in their private and family closets so well hidden (though the rattling of the same is faintly observed) would try for the sake of unity, the reputation of the gospel, and the good of unbelievers to cover the infirmities of other Christians.

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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