Henry Mahan

Nothing more clearly reveals to us that salvation, sanctification, and redemption is the work of our God than to observe the efforts and failure of those who TRY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS WORK FOR THEMSELVES! The disciples asked, "Lord, who then can be saved?" He said unto them, "WITH MEN THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, but with God all things are possible." It is impossible in the flesh for a man to please God. Yet millions, ignorant of the righteousness of Christ, still go about to establish their own righteousness and WILL NOT SUBMIT to the righteousness of God, which is Christ Jesus, our Lord. Many keep up this masquerade to the judgment and then plead their works (Matt. 7:21-23) before God; but most finally lose interest, keep their names on church rolls, and play church on special days. When they die, their preachers try to find some cause on which to give their families hope; but that, too, is impossible; for IF CHRIST IS NOT IN YOU, there is no hope of glory. "But HE HATH BEGOTTEN US again unto a living hope" (I Pet 1: 3).

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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