Zech. 4:10

Henry Mahan

God delivered a nation from 400 years of bondage with a shepherd's staff. He slew a giant and saved that nation with a sling and stone. He turned the world upside down with eleven simple, plain men – and the illustrations that "Little is great when God is in it" are numberless, but we must not just apply this truth to the instrument God uses but should apply it also to the task. It is true that God uses humble men to perform great works for His glory – but God also uses His servants to teach the little children, to pastor the small assembly, to witness to one Ethiopian, to offer a prayer, to provide an unrecognized and often an unknown service! Most of us are willing to be "humble men" doing great works but how many of us "great men" are willing to do humble work. It is most doubtful that our Lord will trust us with any great responsibility until it has been proven that we are faithful in few things! It has been my understanding from the Scriptures that those whom God entrusted with great responsibility were content with where they were and with what they were doing - examples: Moses, David, Joseph. It would be, refreshing, instead of hearing what one used to do or what one plans to do and be, to see one dedicated to being what he is and doing with joy and zeal what is at hand! Christ may come today and I could die today, but I'm sure that He would accept my explanation that I was preparing myself for great things and would have been a teacher if there had been an opening, or a pastor if there had been a church available, or a martyr if men had still been dying, or a deacon, an elder, a church leader after I had aged a bit. Would He? or would He ask, "What servant choses his own task? His own place of labor? His own time of service? Does not the faithful servant ask, 'Lord, what would you have me to do?' Everybody wants to take the floor, few care to sweep it. The returning prodigal did not labor as a hired servant but he was willing!

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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