II Tim. 3:1-2

Henry Mahan

When Paul speaks of "the last days," he means the days following the incarnation of our Lord Jesus. We have the days from Adam to Moses, the days from Moses to Christ's death on the cross, and THE LAST DAYS from Calvary to the end of this world. Some people believed that these last days would be a time of peace, holiness, and obedience to God and His word, especially in the churches and among professing Christians. But Paul warns Timothy and all true believers to expect perilous times, hard and difficult times, during these last days; not because of outward calamities, scarcity of food, and dangers from the sword, but by reason of the wickedness of men and women who profess religion and yet serve themselves. He gives a description of these formal professors and false preachers–"THEY SHALL BE LOVERS OF THEIR OWN SELVES--COVETOUS PEOPLE." This is put first because error and hypocrisy and covetousness flows from SELF-LOVE! He who loves himself does not love Christ, does not love nor care for the sheep, and has no real concern for the glory of God. Self-love promotes applause, love for money, recognition for service, and using the ministry for personal gain and comforts. These men always promote themselves and their ministry and lean heavily on the arm of the flesh, not knowing what it is to WAIT ON THE LORD AND TO TRUST HIS DIVINE PROVIDENCE for their bread and direction. May the Lord give all of us discerning hearts and deliverance from "lovers of their own selves."

"Send us men, O King in Zion,
Made according to Thine heart,
Meek as lambs, and bold as lions,
And wise to act the shepherd's part;
Clothe their words with power Divine,
And let their words be ONLY THINE."

Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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