John 12:24

Henry Mahan

Consider ordinary farming. The grain of wheat must first be buried and lose its form before it springs up again and bears fruit. So it is with the Son of man. He must be crucified for sin, buried, and rise again that the law might be honored, the justice of God might be satisfied, and there might be a gospel of life. If he does not die (like the corn of wheat), he abides alone with no people, no fruit! Without His blood and death, there is no remission of sin. But His death will be productive of much fruit from every tribe, kindred, and nation.

So it is with those who would be disciples of Christ. If we hold to, protect, and shield this life from being crucified and buried with Christ, if we refuse to be identified with Him in truth, suffering for the gospel even to death, we shall lose our souls. But if (like the farmer who in faith cast his wheat into the ground, believing in the future harvest) we cast our lives, hope, and future to Christ, with Christ, and for Christ (caring not for worldly security, comfort, nor praise), we shall live forever (II Tim. 1:8-12).

--From Our Commentaries
Henry Mahan, Pastor
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Ashland, Ky.

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