SGA 13th. Street Baptist Church Titus Lesson 5


Lesson 5
Titus 2:6-15

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(Vs. 6.) As it is fitting and proper for aged women to teach the young women how they should behave and conduct themselves, so the pastor and elders should instruct the young men to behave prudently, temperately and wisely, taking life and faith seriously! In actions and words, let us lead lives which agree with our preaching!

(Vs. 7.) Doctrine and instructions in the grace of God will carry little authority and influence if the fruits of grace are not visible in the life of the instructor. It is not enough for us to deliver sound doctrine and truth; our words, works and attitude should be a pattern of what we preach. In "works", a "pattern". "In doctrine," having the strictest regard for truth with purity of motive, dignity and seriousness!

(Vs. 8.) Our words should be wholesome and free from corruption, both in the pulpit and in private conversation, in public worship and in personal contact. "Sound speech" in the ministry of the Word is imperative, but it also relates to ordinary life and familiar conversation. Everything that unbelievers and wicked persons can seize upon, which to them is improper and unwholesome for a professed believer, they will use maliciously against Christ and the gospel. The result is that through our faults and carelessness the Lord Jesus is insulted.

(Vs. 9,10.) Here are five words of counsel and instructions for those who work for other people and firms:

In fulfilling the part of a good servant and loyal employee you are able to adorn the gospel you believe. You make that gospel attractive to others as they see you walk worthy of it.

(Vs. 11, 12.) "The grace of God" – his sovereign, free, unchangeable, eternal grace to sinners in Christ, through Christ and by the merits of Christ. His gospel of grace that brings salvation, forgiveness, righteousness and eternal life has not only been delivered to us by Christ, but has been revealed to all of us by the Holy Spirit!

This gospel of grace and salvation teaches us to reject all idolatry, ungodliness and worldly desires, and to live uprightly, temperately and in a godly manner in this present world! The grace of God for us and his mercy to us present the strongest argument and motive for obedience. "If God so loved us, we ought to love one another. No motive is stronger than love (John 15:14).

(Vs. 13.) "Awaiting and looking for the fulfilment, the realization of our blessed hope." What is the believer's blessed hope? Christ is the object and ground of our hope. Christ in us is our hope of glory. His appearing is in one sense our blessed hope, for it is at his appearing that our full redemption, both body and soul, will be revealed (Rom. 8:18,19,22,23). Our blessed hope is also a hope of blessedness! (Ps. 17:15; Col. 1:5; I John 3:2,3.)

(Vs. 14.) Here is another argument for and exhortation to godliness of character and conduct, drawn from the design and effect of the sacrifice and death of our Lord. He gave himself for us that he might redeem us from iniquity and sanctify for himself a people who love him, who are eager and enthusiastic to please and glorify him, who desire to live for his glory and who, through the miracle of regeneration, are new creatures in Christ. Those who are still the slaves of sin deny and make void the blessings of his redemption.

(Vs. 15.) "Titus," (and every teacher), "tell them all these things! Urge believers; advise, warn and rebuke with the full authority of the gospel. Let no man despise you because you neglected your responsibility or performed it in an unkind way. Let no man despise you because you were faithful to his soul in rebuking his sin. Let not the fact that some will despise you keep you from claiming authority and respect in teaching these things."

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