SGA Thirteenth Street Baptist Church Isaiah lesson 13


Lesson 13
Isaiah 41:8-14

Henry Mahan

In the closing verses of Chapter 40, the Lord speaks to afflicted people who are groaning under troubles and sorrows, even complaining that the Lord took no notice of their calamities and sufferings.

(Isa. 40:27) "What are you saying, O Israel?"

(Isa. 40:28) The answer follows in these verses. Have you not known? Have you not heard? from the scriptures, from the history of the church, from the prophets, from all creation that the everlasting God--Jehovah--is the creator of all things, upholds all things, is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient! He does not change, faint, nor grow weary! No one can understand His majesty, His wisdom, nor His ways (Rom. 11:33-36). He knows and cares for His people at all times, though they do not.understand His mysterious ways.

(Isa. 40:29) "He gives power to the faint and strength to those who are weak."

(Isa. 40:30-31) "All who trust in and depend on the flesh shall utterly fall."
shall grow in grace, faith, patience, and understanding;
shall be as eagles who fly higher out of danger and closer to God;
shall walk in the Spirit, continue in faith, and not quit.

Isaiah 41:1-7 is a warning to the idolators of the world. Verses 6-7 talk about them encouraging and assisting one another in making and worshipping idols.

(Vs. 8-9) "BUT THOU, ISRAEL, ART MY SERVANT." While the nations of the world are servants of their idols and they own idols to be their gods, "thou, Israel, art MY PEOPLE, and I am THY GOD" (Exo. 11:7; Deut. 7:6-8). The reference is to SPIRITUAL ISRAEL, represented by the nation of Israel.

(Vs. 10-13) The people of God (the objects of His love, affection,and choice) are encouraged with the promises of grace, help, and strength from the Lord.
(Vs. 14) "FEAR NOT, THOU WORM, JACOB." By nature, birth, and practice we are worms.
"I WILL HELP THEE, SAITH THE LORD (JEHOVAH) AND THY REDEEMER THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL." This is our Kinsman Redeemer. This is our Messiah--our Substitute and Saviour (Isa. 47:4). Over 24 times in this book of Isaiah, our Redeemer is called THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL! We are holy in Him; Israel is holy in Him! He is called "the Lord our Righteousness" (Jer. 23:5-6). In Him WE ARE CALLED, "The Lord our righteousness" (Jer. 33:16).

Henry Mahan
Ashland, Ky.