SGA Pic of Christ lesson 92


Lesson 92
Hosea 1-3

The name "Hosea" is the same with Joshua and Jesus and signified a saviour or a deliverer. Hosea was not only a faithful prophet and servant of the Lord, but he is a powerful type and picture of our Lord Jesus in His love and mercy to sinners. It is surprising that we do not hear more sermons on Hosea, since he has such a name and his writings are so filled with grace for the guilty.

THE STORY IN BRIEF: God commanded Hosea to take a wife from among the people of whoredom. Fornication and adultery was their form of life. Hosea married Gomer, who was quite young, and she bore him three children. Then Gomer began to walk the way of her heritage, leaving Hosea for her lovers. Even though she had left him and was living in wickedness and shame, Hosea continued to provide corn, wine, oil, and money for her, Gomer thought these gifts were from her lovers, and she praised them. Soon she was brought down to poverty, shame, and loneliness and was to be sold on the block as a common slave. Hosea loved her yet, and he went to the marketplace and bought her for the price demanded and took her home to be his wife, no more to leave.

HERE IS THE KEY TO THIS STORY: Hosea 3:1. "Then said the Lord unto me, go YET, love a woman beloved of her friend, ACCORDING TO THE LOVE OF THE LORD TOWARD THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL, who look to other gods, and love flagons of wine." The Lord put Hosea through this unusual experience to demonstrate His grace, love, and mercy to His people, all of whom have "sinned and gone astray, turning to our own way." We did not love Him, but He loved us with an "everlasting love" and "loved us to the end."

I– (Hosea 1:1-3) According to the commandment of the Lord, Hosea went among a vile race, a sinful people, and took his bride, joining himself to her as one!

II – (Hosea 2:1-5) A short time after their marriage, Gomer left Hosea and followed the ways of her people. She was from a people of whoredom; and when she became of full age, she walked the same path they walked.

III – (Hosea 2:5-8) Hosea took care of Gomer even in her rebellion and sin. She said, "I will go after my lovers who gave me good things." Hosea said, "She did not know that I gave her these things."

IV – (Hosea 2:9-11) Finally, Gomer was brought low; her life became a burden; her joy was turned to mourning; the sweetness became bitter; that which she had loved, she hated.

V – (Hosea 3-1-3) Gomer belonged to the fallen system! She was in the clutches and possession of her masters, There was a price on her head. Hosea bore the shame of identification with her and, revealing his special care for her, paid the price and set her free.

Henry Mahan
Ashland, Ky.