SGA Pic of Christ lesson 65


Lesson 65
Psalm 110

No study of Christ in the Old Testament can ignore this Psalm. Note how many times Vs. 1 & 4 are referred to in the New Testament (Matt. 22:44; Acts 2:34-35; Heb. 1:13; 5:6; 6:20; 7:17). The Old Testament reveals Jesus Christ in promise, picture, and pattern; and in the New Testament Christ comes to earth in person (Matt. 1:21-23). This Psalm is a clear revelation of the person and office of the Lord Jesus.

(Vs. 1) "The Lord" (the Father) "said to my Lord" (the Son, Jesus Christ),

(Vs, 2) Zion is the church or true Israel. What, then, is that rod of His strength? It is the gospel illustrated by Moses' rod. It was by his rod that Moses wrought wonders, smote the Egyptians, divided the sea, and brought water from the rock. The Lord sends His gospel out of the church to call His elect. Salvation is the result of the preaching of the gospel (Mark 16:15-16; IT Cor.2:14-16). The Lord Jesus reigns over the willing and the unwilling (John 17:1-2), but His gospel of truth is the rod of strength that awakens dead sinners (Eph. 1: 13; James 1: 18: I Cor. 15:1-3) .

(Vs. 3) "Thy people shall be willing in the day of Thy power" (I Thess. 1:4-5). The gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16): and when the rod of His strength (the gospel) is preached in the power of His Spirit, His people willingly believe and embrace Christ.

(Vs, 4) "Here is the heart of the Psalm and the very center and soul of our faith," said C. H. Spurgeon; "Our Lord Jesus is the Priest-King by the eternal oath of Jehovah."

(Vs. 5-7) These last three verses show the future victory and judgments of Christ over and upon His enemies. He shall not sit forever, but shall descend from heaven and destroy the works of evil.

Henry Mahan
Ashland, Ky.