SGA Pic of Christ lesson 54


Lesson 54
Psalm 37

The AUTHOR of this Psalm is David, the TIME of its writing is in his old age (Vs. 25), and the SUBJECT has to do with the prosperity of the wicked while the people of God suffer affliction and trial. This has troubled and perplexed many, as indicated in Psalm 73. This has a Psalm in which the Lord sweetly hushes the complaints of His people and calms their minds concerning His present dealings with them. Briefly, here are some of the questions raised and answered:

a. (Vs. 1-2) Evil doers flourish and prosper like the green grass and the green herb, but they shall soon be cut down and wither like the grass (Isa.40:6-8).

b. (Vs. 12-133) The wicked liate believers and persecute them; yet the Lord laughs at their opposition (Psalm 2:4), for their day of judgment is coming (Deut. 32:35).

c. (Vs. 14-15) The wicked take advantage of believers and draw their swords to hurt them, but their swords shall enter their own Hearts.

d. ("Vs. 16-17) Believers seem to have so little, while great are the riches of wicked men; but their riches are temporary and shall fade, while our inheritance is forever.

e. (Vs. 20) The enemies of the Lord seem to get fatter and fatter, but it is the fat of "lambs for the slaughter." Who envies the pig or the turkey, which is well-fed while being prepared for the slaughter?

f. (Vs. 35-37) The wicked on earth have great power and proudly flaunt that power and greatness like a great tree, but they shall soon pass away and no remembrance of them can be found. Mark the believer in Christ; his end is eternal peace.

g. (Vs. 38-40) What is the bottom line? Where is all this settle? How are we to be comforted in our trials, while we watch the wicked prosper, flourish, and live in ease? Look at their destruction and final condemnation (Psalm 73:12-17), then look at the grace of God to believers in Christ!

In the light of all that has been said, David lays down EIGHT GREAT PRECEPTS or directions for God's people.

Henry Mahan
Ashland, Ky.