SGA Pic of Christ lesson 38

Lesson 38
II Kings 5:1-14

Read the story of Naaman, the leper, and two questions come forth. (1) Could the waters of the Jordan River cure leprosy? The answer is NO! (2) Could Naaman be healed of his leprosy without going down into the waters of the Jordan? The answer is NO! Then what have we here? The Lord was humbling a proud sinner. The Lord was pleased to show His sovereign mercy to this Gentile sinner (Luke 4:27) ; but Naaman (like any son of Adam) must be emptied, humbled, and brought to understand and acknowledge that salvation aid mercy is the gift of God, which is neither deserved nor bought. Human thought, human pride, human ways, and human works must be destroyed and the sinner submit to the will and way of God (James 4:6: Matt. 8:1-3).

Consider the following points, and you will see how Naaman typifies sinners whom the Lord is pleased to save.

Henry Mahan
Ashland, Ky.