SGA Pic of Christ lesson 24

Lesson 24
Joshua 2:1-22: Joshua 6:17, 23, 25

My interest in Rahab, the harlot, and her story is enhanced by the number of times she is mentioned in scriptures. Besides the attention given her in the book of Joshua, Matthew identifies her as the wife of Salmon (a prince of the tribe of Judah), mother of Boaz, and great-great grandmother of King David (Matt.1:5-6). Hebrews lists her in faith's hall of fame along with Abraham, Isaac, and Moses (Heb. 11:31). James gives two illustrations of true faith evidenced by obedience–Abraham and Rahab (James 2:20-25).

Israel was camped across Jordan; and their commander, Joshua, sent two men to spy secretly the land. They would be taking, especially, the city of Jericho. Jericho was a large city–the city nearest to them and f irst in importance, for it must be taken. Judging from information that we have, several things are evident. Rahab's house was upon or in the wall which circled the city (Joshua 2:15). Her house was one where a person could find food and lodging. This was why the spies stopped there (Joshua 2:1). It is mentioned several times that she was a harlot. In those times and countries, women who kept public houses and inns were also prostitutes.

Word got to the King of Jericho that these Israelites were seen at Rahab's house, and the King sent word to her to deliver these men to him. She hid the spies up on the roof of the house and sent word to the King that, although the Israelites had been to her house, they had fled earlier and might be overtaken if the King would send someone after them, which he did. As soon as the King's men left Jericho to pursue after the spies, the gate of the city was closed. Rahab came up on the roof where the spies were hidden and set forth in such a beautiful manner her faith in the living God (Joshua 2:8-11). She then sought the mercy of the Lord to be upon her and her household when the people of God took the city (Joshua 2:12-13). The men promised her that she would be spared provided:

Her house was upon the wall with the front toward the city for the entertainment of persons who came there, and the back was on the outside of the wall. She let the spies down the wall by the scarlet cord, and they fled in safety to the mountains. When Israel took the city, Joshua commanded that Rahab be spared (Joshua 6:17, 22-25).

Under the blood of Jesus, safe in the shepherd's fold;
Under the blood of Jesus, safe while the ages roll:
Safe though the worlds may crumble, safe though the stars grow dim;
Under the blood of Jesus, I am SECURE IN HIM.

Henry Mahan
Ashland, Ky.