Hebrews Lesson 30

Lesson 30
Hebrews 13:15-25

Henry Mahan

(Vs. 15) By Christ (through Christ) "let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually."

(Vs. 16) Do not forget nor neglect to be kind and generous, contributing and distributing to the needy and underprivileged. The sacrifices of PRAISE and of LOVE are pleasing to God. Helping others with a generous spirit shows the work of grace in our hearts and is glorifying to God (Matt. 25:34-40; I Tim. 6:17-18; Phil. 4:15-18).

(Vs. 17) "Them that have the rule over you" are the pastors and leaders of the church as mentioned in Verse Seven.

(Vs. 18-19) Pray for those who minister the Word. The work of the ministry of the gospel is so important and you have such a concern in it, that you ought to be moved to pray that God will give the pastor and the missionary His Word for you and for the church. If the pastor is blessed, the people will be blessed. If he is not anointed, the people suffer. "I trust," says Paul, "that as a minister of the gospel I am faithfully preaching the Word of God without regard to the favors or frowns of men," as a good steward of the grace of God (Acts 20:25-27). The ministers of Christ are sometimes hindered by Satan and his emissaries who create trouble; but God will see them through, and for this we pray to Him (I Thess. 2:14-18).

(Vs. 20-21) The epistle concludes with a prayer for the Hebrews. Paul asked them to pray for him; he in turn (and by way of example) prays for them.

(Amplified Version) "May the God of peace, Who is the author and giver of peace, and Who brought again from among the dead our Lord Jesus Christ, that great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood that sealed and ratified the everlasting testament, strengthen (complete, perfect) and make you what you ought to be, and equip you with everything good that you may carry out His will; while He Himself works in you and accomplishes that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, the Messiah; to Whom be the glory forever and ever.

(Vs. 22-25) The children of God are sometimes sluggish and need to be stirred up; so Paul calls on them to listen to the message of exhortation, warning, and encouragement which he has written.

Timothy has been released from prison. "If he comes here soon, I will see you along with him."

"Give my greetings to all your spiritual leaders and all believers. The Italian believers greet you." Paul was probably writing from Rome.

Henry Mahan
Ashland, Ky.