SGA 13th. Street Baptist Church Colossians Lesson 1


Lesson 1
Colossians 1:1-8

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This letter to the church at Colosse was written about thirty years after Christ died on the cross. Paul wrote it while in prison at Rome, about the same time that he wrote Philippians and Ephesians.

Who brought the gospel to Colosse and when, we do not know. Paul had never preached to them (2:1). The city was destroyed six years later by an earthquake and later rebuilt.

The occasion for the letter was that Epaphras, who had preached to them, came to Rome and told Paul about their faith and love. He also reported their danger from false teachers who had come among them – Judaizers, who urged the ceremonies of the law, and Gentiles, who promoted philosophy, worship of angels and saints, will-worship and punishing the body. Paul wrote to them to confirm them in the gospel of Christ, to warn them of spiritual error and to exhort them to a discharge of their duty to God, to one another and to all men.

(Vs. 1.) "Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, by the will of God." In the beginning of the Christian church there were apostles.

All of this was by the will of God, as the Father's will and the Son's work are the same. There are no apostles in the church today!

"And Timothy, our brother." While Timothy was not an apostle, Paul included him in the salutation, for the highest office-bearer in the church recognizes even the least as being a brother and worthy of respect and recognition. In Christ we are one, and he that is greatest is but a servant.

(Vs. 2.) "To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ." All believers are saints and all believers are faithful brethren. We are sanctified by the Father, the Son and the Spirit. We are brethren because firstly, we have the same Father, secondly, we are in one body and family and, thirdly, we have all one elder Brother, Christ Jesus. The key word is "in Christ"! We are saints and brethren because we are in Christ.

"Grace be unto you and peace." Moses prayed, "Lord, if I have found grace in thy sight, show me thy way" (Exod. 33:13). Where God's grace is given, all other things will follow – peace, joy, rest and more. "Grace" first; then " peace".

(Vs. 3-5.) This is Paul's prayer of thanksgiving for these faithful brethren.

(Vs. 6.) Having mentioned the gospel which begets faith, hope and love, he says,

(Vs. 7, 8.) Having confirmed the gospel, he commends the preacher.

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